4 Factors To Consider While Giving A Corporate Gift In Singapore

4 Factors To Consider While Giving A Corporate Gift In Singapore

Giving a gift is a common practise in our society and lifestyle and it also made its way into the corporate world. Nowadays it is natural to give a gift to your employees for any corporate event or any occasion. In the business world, there are certain methods that you can follow to maximize your relationship with the gift receiver by giving them certain gifts. For example, promotional gifts can be gifted to prospective customers in exhibitions to increase awareness and loyalty gifts can be given to existing and long term customers to show gratitude and appreciation. Here are a few guidelines you can follow while giving a corporate gift in Singapore.

Do’s and Don’ts Of Corporate Gifts In Singapore

Let The Gift Be Practical

A gift does not serve any purpose if it is not practical. It is essential to understand what your target audience needs when you are giving them a gift. Promotional gifts may belong in the general category but it is still better to give a gift that is relevant to your business and industry while giving a promotional gift. Practical gifts have two major advantages- Firstly the receiver will be able to use them for a longer period of time, and secondly it sends them a message that you know and care for your audience.

Price Is Not Important

In Singapore, the price of the corporate gift does not matter. Please value the gift not on the basis of its price but instead in terms of its value. Value here depicts how useful (practical) and how meaningful the gift is. A gift with higher price is not effective if it has a low value.

Quality Comes First

Most corporations put a budget for corporate gifts. However, later on they have a conflict of choosing few high quality gifts or more low quality gifts. The quality vs quantity struggle is difficult but quality is still the best option here. Spending money on several low quality gifts which have less value is not an efficient idea. Instead, it is good to prefer few high quality gifts which have a positive and a lasting impact on the gift receiver.

Personalized Gifts

While considering corporate gifts, you have an additional option to personalize your gifts. You can personalize your corporate gift with logo, name, color, texture etc. to give the gift personality. We advise choosing personalized gifts as they are cost effective and they also show the gift receiver that you have put effort and thought while presenting the gift which strengthens the relationship.

The practise of gift giving is common and has a lot of benefits. It was generally informal, but in the corporate world it is formal and has a lot of short term and long term benefits. So, it is very important to understand the person and the occasion while giving gifts. It is good to invest time and effort to carefully analyze why you want to give a gift and you will be able to choose the perfect gift for your employees and clients. You can then check out https://www.axxel.biz/ to get the ideal corporate gift.