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Ng for preschool It s a fun book but to me "it felt like a movie adaptation than a story if that " felt like a movie adaptation than a story if that sense which isn t necessarily a bad thing it just makes it difficult from a reading comprehension standpoint I think it would maybe be best suited for K 2 graders who are already very familiar with the original story This story picks up where the original story left off It also talks a lot about jailprison which maybe inappropriate for students who have parents or other family members in prison Overall it s a nice book so I will give it Five Stars I M Just Not Sure stars I m just not sure will work for my class. Ystery when they realize it has all been a trapJoin our new superheroes as they scape from the vil clutches of the Big Bad Wolf and Save Fairyland In This First Superpigs Adventure Readers Will Huff Fairyland in this first Superpigs adventure Readers will huff puff and laugh and lau. Edtime and we hope there will be a follow up sometime soon My pre school classroom s favorite book we have been reading it daily for almost 2 months My girls love this book The pictures are great and the book is catchy My 5yo

this book My 7yo checked out at the library and read it to herself over and over She loved that it was superhero ish and not boy themed Got this at a scholastic book fair and bought again to gift out because my kids like it so much So so much The first two weeks we Had To Read It to read it very bed time This book is 32 pages long which to me feels a little too lo. Heir newfound fame But one day the Big Bad Wolf scapes from prison and plunges Fairyland into fear Our curly tailed friends soon discover that bricks are missing all over town The Superpigs return to their homes to solve the ,

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Brilliant book my grandchild love s it would definitely recommend it My boy loves this book If you have any of the other ones from the collection I would recommend getting this to complete it What a Jem of a book this is my children thoroughly njoyed this book A brilliant story line and written so well it s a lovely modern take on the the old classic children s tales My son specially liked the part when the pigs rounded up all the grandmas in fairyland I noticed
author also illustrated the book a clever lady she must be The three little super pigs is now the firm favourite at The Big Bad Wolf has scaped and our new superheroes the Three Little Superpigs must save Fairyland before it is TOO LATEAFTER DEFEATING THE BIG BAD WOLF THE THREE lateAfter defeating the Big Bad Wolf the Three Superpigs spend their days fighting crime and njoying The Three Little Superpigs