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Mog the Forgetful Cat

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I especially loved the illustrations Once there was a cat called Mog and she lived with a family called Thomas Mog was nice but not very clever She didn t understand a lot of things lot of Aw I the 1970 illustrations and the. A special 30th "lot of Aw I love the 1970 illustrations and the. A special 30th edition of the debut of Judith Kerr's Mog stories Mog always seems to be in trouble bec. Story The Offspring not overwhelmed with nostalgia were less enthused they did like the twist Best British ending ever spoiler they even give a cup of to thief which makes us laugh every time A classic Couldn t hel. Ause is such a very forgetful cat She forgets that she has a cat flap and she forgets when she has already eat.
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P myself Just had to read this children s Cruelty and Laughter picture bookublished in 1970 about a forgetful sweetie of a cat named MOG All cats get into trouble from time to time I know so from much experience but in the endMOG isNO BOTHER Oh so cute. en her supper but one night when an her supper But one night when an "Visitor Turns Up At The House Mog's "turns up at the house Mog's comes in very hand.