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The Dig Zoe and Zeus Trilogy #1

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Ng at all Now I just have to wait for the next installment I have always had a love of Greek mythology I don t consider myself an expert on it or anything but the stories of the gods and all the crazy creatures has fascinated me for as long as I can remember I ve seen a whole lot of interpretations of the stories and the The Dig is definitely one of my favorites All of our favorite gods are there Zeus Hera Hades Poseidon Aphrodite Dig is definitely one of my favorites All of our favorite gods are there Zeus Hera Hades Poseidon Aphrodite but they re human teenagers I really love this idea because I always felt like the gods seemed like big powerful teenagers anyways with their scrabbling over stupid things and falling in love with their own reflections Audrey Hart has incorporated all of the things we love about Greek mythology within the coming of age story of Zoe Calder and it s a fun rideZoe was definitely a highlight of the book I know there are a lot of introverted young adult protagonists but Zoe felt like the most genuine and realistic interpretation of this and I felt like she and I would get along She s smart and intuitive Sure she freaks out about somehow Ending Up In Ancient Greece up in ancient Greece she doesn t whine about it for the whole book she does something about it Her insecurities felt real and much like how I felt in high school She doesn t have the same interests as her classmates and can t ite relate but somehow knows there s really nothing wrong with that At the same time Zoe s journey is a trip to find herself Though she knew she was strong she never had to really show it and she learns just what kind of person she isI also thought the relationship between Zoe and Zeus was well developed which is a rarity recently In true teenager fashion Zoe rushes into labels for what they are and thinks she s way in love than she really is but their real relationship not the one in Zoe s head moves at a good pace There s no insta love just attraction and their relationship develops over time spent together having a good time not brooding stares Zeus is also a very worthy love interest I m definitely looking forward to of him The Dig is a very fast paced and fun read At just above 200 pages you can read it in one sitting and be very satisfied with how you ve spent your last few hours It is packed full with action mythology and your last few hours It is packed full with action mythology and that all blend together for a great adventure and I can t wait for the rest of the trilogy A big thanks to Audrey Hart for contacting me and providing me with an advance copy of The Dig You can read reviews and other fun stuff on my blog Paper Cuts A 35 ReviewMy son once asked me why I love to read He sat there perched on the edge on my bed me sprawled out with my Kindle and just laid it on me Tell me momtell me the truth So I did I like to read because it takes me away from here First of allnot the best response when you are talking to a 5 year old I meant I get to visit cool and exciting places from the comfort of my own bed He heard Mommy doesn t want to be herewith him Not a fun thing to back peddle from I assure you But yesterday almost 3 years later something clicked I don t venture much into self published territory but I had to after reading the synopsis for The Dig by Audrey Hart Time travel Mythology Sexy Zeus Yes please But I ve got to say that I was really disappointed in this one While the MC had a cute spunky voice I just couldn t get behind the intense insta love the egregious historic. Ports her to ancient GreeceAs Zoe Smoke Screen uickly learns the Olympian Gods are real living people humans with mysterious powers Powers that Zoeickly realizes she has come to possess as well However when the people of ancient Greece mistake Zoe for an Olympian the Gods must restore the balance of the ancient world No matter whatZoe is forced to play a confusing and ,

25 Stars So let me start off by saying I am a huge Mythology buff It s to the point where i wonder myself why i haven t sat down to write my own spin on the infamous Greek GodsI remember picking The Next uiet Voice up one book of Percy Jackson and the Olympiansfinishing it and the second onebut by the time i reached the third book i couldn t take it anyIt lost me Why No ideait was probably the only bookmovie that tried to stick to the century old storiesyet it failed somehow during the end for me With that being saidThe Digi m so thoroughly confused I honestly have no opinion I didn t dislike itnor did i like it persay Here are my reasons1 As stated before i am an avid historicalmythological nerd I feel as though some stories are so old and well known they just should not be touched I loved the idea of The Dig but i wasn t too hyped about the idea of all the Gods being viewed as stuckp snobby teenagers We just deleted an entire history with this book In almost every story that i ve ever readZeus is who he isZeusthe nfaithful hardly ever Loyal Unrepentant God Of Thunder unrepentant God of Thunder in thishe is not seen as suchthat didnt bother me as much I thought the love between Zoe and Zeus were cutehonestly i liked the side of Zeus when it came to Zoebut i m getting track We ve just deleted stories and stories and stories of mythology in 200 pages They ve obviously lived 500 years in this bookso why is Hera Zeus s girlfriendand why on earth is it that Zoe knew Hera as the Goddess of Marriage but it escapes her mind that Zeus has a girlfriend Why is it that Zeus and Hera have no Finally a female Percy Jackson I have been waiting and waiting and wondering when an enterprising author would hit pon the idea and I have finally found it Zoe is all the best of Percy funny spunky and prone to a lot of trouble which made for one great readAfter wandering into a forbidden temple while on a trip with her archaeologist ncle and aunt Zoe is transported to ancient Greece Really ancient Greece 1000 BC or so To find her way back she must travel to the oracle isn t there always an oracle and follow said directions Of course along the way she must endure trials on Mt Olympus rescue various creatures from destruction and get in a catfight with a teenaged HeraDid I mention she also meets and falls in love with a cute teenage boy who saves her on than once occasion Maybe because he s Zeus and like the god of everything His friends and girlfriend Hera are not happy with the arrangement and throw even deadly obstacles in the path of the star crossed lovers There is so much to like about this book Right away from the very first paragraph I felt like I knew Zoe and she was talking straight To Me That Kind me That kind connection isn t often found in books and I relished it reading way past the time I sually give to myself and burning a few dinners in the process It has a great message in it for young girls and isn t just mindless drivel like many of the girly books out there This is one heroine a young girl could really sink her teeth into and learn a valuable message about to boot namely that the trials and obstacles in life often teach Myths Legends Stories Gods Heroes Monsters us about what we are madep of and teach Racine et Shakespeare us what we want in life and what is really important The perfect combination of romance and adventureThe book is a first in a trilogy so be prepared to keep reading the first one ends in a cliffhanger that wasn t satisfyi. Zoe Calder has always been an outsider Stashed away in boarding schools since her parents died Zoe buries herself in the study of ancient worlds Her greatest thrill is spending her summers with her archeologist aunt andncle on digs around the world And one day while investigating a newly nearthed temple in Crete Zoe discovers a luminous artifact that trans. Al inaccuracies and the mismatched plot and pacingFirst let me give you my schpeal on historical fantasy and time travel novels yes this is fantasy I know that give you my schpeal on historical fantasy and time travel novels yes this is fantasy I know that protagonist is a time traveler I also know that you don t want to write in
an archaic style 
archaic style why do you have your historical characters talking and acting like modern people with modern sensibilities This is the first rule in historical fiction YOUR SETTING This is the first rule in historical fiction YOUR SETTING T MODERN SO WHY ARE YOU WRITING LIKE IT IS I found this to be true in both The Dig and the other self published novel I recently read Destined by Jessie Harrell though at least Harrell s novel was well paced and had an interesting storylineIt really irritated me that all the Greek gods and the nymphs and everything threw around words like boyfriend and cantina UhhI m pretty sure that cantina is a Spanish word and as this is supposed to be ancient Greece I m gonna go out on a limb and say they didn t have that wordSo yeah I was really tripped p by the historical inaccuracies But I was also bothered by the almost product placing Seriously Apple should have paid Hart for publishing this book It s practically a commercial for the iPhone She s always talking about all the cool apps it has and a freakin iPhone is what transports her back in time Wow I didn t know they had an app for that It was all very weird thatThen there s the issue of characterization While I enjoyed reading about Zoe because she was a little snarky and funny I really kind of hated all how all the other characters are portrayed I was excited to see that Zeus was getting facetime in this book as he s Mémoires d& usually overlooked in YA But what I found here was a spineless teeny bopper that magically falls in love with our average heroine playing into theltimate YA stereotype He s supposed to be centuries old but all I could see was a ninth grader who s too cute for his own good He s so cookie cutter it hurt my heart a little This is Zeus aka god of lightning and king of the Pantheon who s a classic womanizer and castrated his dad for rule of Olympus SUCH good material to work with here But it was all wasted in The DigAnd while I m on the gods can I just say that Hermes was not a girl WHAT I Mon enfance sauvage understand that this gender reversal wassed as a plot device so that everyone could be all matchy matchy but if you re going to do that just swap him out for a goddess or something I mean that s practically blasphemy wellit would have been if this were ancient Greece I suppose And while I appreciated that Hera was the vengeful shrew that she often is in myth I felt like she was shrunken so much that she became petty In fact they were ALL petty It was just weirdAnd do I even have to mention the bit about Kim Kardashian And Rihanna Oh and iPhones Yeah I don t think so You re getting the picture All these really weird elements came together in an awkward plot with bad pacing and too much telling and it was just all around NOT entertaining The beginning had promise Hart should have just kept Zoe in modern times This book needs some SERIOUS renovations before I would recommend a big time publisher picking it p but then again books get published every day that I don t think should have beenI almost feel bad giving such a scathing review but this one pushed my buttons I had high hopes and I love to support authors who don t get hype But I m sorry This one wasn t for me. Angerous game as Hera rallies the gods against her all except for Zeus the beautiful winged young god who risks everything to save herOut of time and out of her element teenager Zoe Calder finds herself in ancient Greece battling against the power of the Olympians and the vengeance of a scorned goddess all for the strange and mysterious boy she has come to lo. .