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There were a ton of things I adored about this

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Number one the characters Even in a situation that goes above our own Not my usual read but after I got into it I really enjoyed it Needless to say I bought the next 2 books in the trilogy My thoughts Liz can really write a dark character that you fall in love with I was so engrossed with what would happen next that it carried my happily to the end where I was begging for I have to say that the dreams were really cool and I loved Holden I would have totally given this book four stars but there was uite a bit of grammatical errors words missing misspelling character s Liv Livi and thing s Jinn Jinni names and some confusing sentences It pulled me out of the story so I have to give it three stars but I really loved the word Liz has created Excited for book twoNote Swearing drinking and a brief sex scene I would rate this R mostly for all the swearingOriginally posted at wwwashleylaveringblogspotcom Secrets indeed Blergh Olivia is a conveniently self employed photographer who is a bit of an introvert and a loner until two mysterious guys show up in her life and make mysterious statements all the while mysterious things start to happen to and around make mysterious statements all the while mysterious things start to happen to and around Around page 134 of this 207 page book we readers are finally clued into the nature of the paranormal activity but at this point I was pretty much beyond caring This book consists of one chapter of events from Olivia s point of view followed by a chapter of the exact same events from Holden s aka Mysterious Guy 1 point of view The exact same events As in the same dialogue and action you had previously read Only from another point of view Is that irritating here It is super irritating and beyond boring once you realize that Olivia and Holden have incredibly similar voices There are a few other characters Juliet Olivia s bff uintus Mysterious 2 Olivia s mom and an ex boyfriend We are told about these people s personalities but never really see them through the dialogue And there is a ton of dialogue People in this novel have conversations spanning two or three pages at a time and while I felt the language to be realistic it made me realize the beauty of brevity That is unless there is flirting action danger intellectual discussion or something exciting I really don t need nor care to be privy to every word a character uttersLiz Schulte like many UF authors has some interesting ideas Unfortunately the execution was not captivating enough to inspire me to read this series further Exciting and entertaining paranormal suspenseromance After Olivia has a chance encounter with a handsome compelling stranger frightening and tragic things begin to happen all around her In the meantime she and the stranger find themselves irresistably attracted to each other against both their better judgments and Olivia is faced with a destiny she doesn t want and a hea This book was fantastic I ripped through it when I got it to review It was hard to get used to the narrative at first but after I did I was hooked The characters are so vivid I feel like an observernot a reader I am really starting to hate trilogies I think this probably could have been a one book event but instead it is going to be painfully drawn across three books The sad thing is that I started out really liking the book and being intrigued Unfortunately the pacing was so bad that by the time there was a clue about what was going on 67% of the way through on my indle I was bored and was checking the snyopsis on to figure out what this book was supposed to be about actually this was somewhere around 40% of the way through The only good thing At least there wasn t a love triangleMaybe with a good editor to really cut the unnecessary bits this would have been a good book but as it is I will not be reading the next books Secrets is a great example of how even a poorly written novel can be popular And when I say poorly written I mean it on just about every level that you can mean it Still though it s better than Snow Crash but then Snow Crash is a level of stupidity all its ownThe first and most obvious issue the book. While Olivia Martin observed life through her camera the abyss gazed back at her She discovers mysterious men follow her around people close to her ar. Secrets The Guardian Trilogy #1Has is that it needed an editor This may be the most poorly edited book I ve ever read There were misspellings homophones tense issues missing words wrong words above and beyond the homophones which are technically wrong words missing letters wrong letters um did I cover everything I m not actually sure And it s not that there were did I cover everything I m not actually sure And it s not that there were things it s that there were these things on every page And not that there was like one per page it was a handful per page And I haven t even mentioned the punctuation oh wait there I did Let me just say and not just to whomever edited the book I m assuming the author but I don t Rescued (The Missing, know that but to everyone because this is becoming a real peeve of mine a dash is not a catchall piece of punctuation You can t just stick in a dash eitherind because you feel like it Dashes have a purpose and they are much limited than most people think Let me just put it like this uit using dashes Seriously There were punctuation issues than just the dashes but it was like someone just sneezed dashes all in the bookAt any rate if editing is an issue for you don t attempt this book because you will want to pull out a red pen and mark all over your Kindle screen or whatever screenThe next issue is that it s first person but not just first person It s written from two different first person perspectives in alternating chapters Which in and of itself isn t an issue I mean I ve done that so who am I to complain right except that both perspectives are written in exactly the same voice There is nothing to differentiate them and especially considering one is male and one is female there ought to be some differentiation The author doesn t even bother to give us alternate perspectives on the same event once we get past the first few chapters For the most part they just pick up where the other left off or show us what is happening where the other character isn t Not to mention the fact that spoiler alert during the climax when Olivia starts to doubt Holden there is no suspense because we ve been in Holden s head the whole book and so has she actually for part of it and we Summary know how he feels about herMore spoiler alertThe story itself is pretty typical in fact I felt like I was watching a cheapnockoff of Buffy the Vampire Slayer through most of the book So let s see1 Female protagonist born with a hidden destiny that she doesn t The Janitor (The Contenders, know about2 Bad boy romantic interest whom only she can save and turn to the light3 Good boy romantic interest to create some tension4 Traumatic death of a loved one5 Enigmatic mentor who never tells her anything useful other than that she s specialYeah it s got it all Actually it s worse than what I m saying too because the female protagonist who hasn t been in a relationship for over a year finds herself instantly infatuated with two men at the exact same time What are the odds Is the sarcasm coming through She immediately begins acting in ways that are just not her Of course we don tnow that other than that she tells us that she never does this ind of thingThere are two things hereWe have to take Olivia s word about things way too often The author never shows us how Olivia supposedly really is For instance when uintus us how Olivia supposedly really is For instance when uintus her that she s been born this guardian the first one in 2000 years so she s mega special he says to her something along the lines of Haven t you always been a loner Someone on the outside looking in But we never see that about Olivia In the book she has an awesome best friend who has been with her since middle school that doesn t sound like a loner and she s uite adept at being a socialite so none of that stuff rings true in the book it reminded me of Percy Jackson and how at least in The Lightning Thief he is constantly telling the audience he s one thing a rebel and troublemaker while acting completely the oppositeIt s uite difficult to take uintus as a love interest seriously since Holden is the one offering the alternate perspective to Olivia s To put it another way uintus is never a credible threatAnd speaking of vampires Holden is Vampire Lite It s like the author really wanted to do a vampire story but she E dying and her dreams are no longer her own as she falls head over heels for a perfect stranger A chance encounter leads to an obsession that could