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I loved this book It s a great introduction to philosophy in that it s very accessible fun to read and about the choices we make every day in our normal day to day existence I wish everyone Would Read It It Was A Decent read it It was a decent filled with interesting and random uestions Nothing too deep tho as it should be expected As The 15 Minute Philosopher and The 15 Minute Psychologist are apparently different editions of the same book somehow I will be reviewing them both in the same review If a Goodreads librarian sees this will you PLEASE fix it It s surprisingly ard to contact you guys The 15 Minute Philosopher A fun book for beginners with an interest in philosophy It doesn t really go in depth so just touches on many issues It definitely made my brain urt because now I am contemplating everything I can t comment on the accuracy of the book For future reference in case I decide to delve deeper into the subject I enjoyed the concept of morality the most Although that is certainly not a surprise as I ve always liked ypothetical moral dilemmas I do not think I Will Keep The Book keep the book I am running out of space and I own a Great Course Which Appears To which appears to in depth 45 Sept 7 2017The 15 Minute Psychologist I m not sure if this book was better than The 15 Minute Philosopher or if I just prefer psychology to philosophy but I enjoyed this one I did already know a lot of it Kitty Genovese Stanford Prison experiment etc but it was definitely an interesting read for a beginner in psychology I especially enjoyed the section on psychopaths I did not know they actually Last Chance Bride had a difference in their brains I llave to read Jon Ronson s book I am not going to keep the book because I probably won t reread it for a few years and there will. The 15 Minute Psychologist introduces the reader to universal aspects of psycholo. Iversity with light eartedness which is the combination that initially attracted me to this field of scienceHowever my joyful reading experience at times was disrupted by occasional unprofessional remarks or the insufficient interpretation of study findings Especially as someone academically interested in psychology most of the presented analyses didn t reach far enough But I believe that is because this book was not intended for me and I can accept that All in all I would definitely recommend this to everyone

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is starting to interest in psychology as it gives a well written and enthusiasm sparking overview over the various topics and areas To be onest I was expecting a different book based on the title Something probably oriented about troubles and anxiety Instead I received a great and enjoyable read to discover through time and experiences Lawman Lover (Outlaws, how scienceas come up with nowadays therory about pschycologyFrom the best way to raise a child by giving attention and letting City Girl in Training himher cry from tests on animals to detect the behaviours it was real pleasant to pass some time with this bookFar from boring I ve learned cool stuffs about violence video games memoriesow our brain see things or pschychopath And it s written in a real fun and interesting ways with pasts examples istorical ones or drawingsUnexpected and interestingLuciehttpnewbooksonmyselvesblogspotfr n formatul acesta concis reu e te s ating multe aspecte importante sintetiz nd dovezile empirice i contur nd imaginea c torva principii de la baza psihologiei Limbajul e unul accesibil i stilul pl cut uneori amuzant iar pentru o carte de dimensiunile ei mi pare c i atinge menirea aceea de a fi o porti spre aprofundarea cuno tin elor din acest domeniu. Y of life’s dilemmas aceea de a fi o porti spre aprofundarea cuno tin elor din acest domeniu. Y of life’s dilemmas in a style that’s amusing and easy to understand.

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Likely ave been some developments by then as tends to appen with science Not to mention that it is
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a few years Besides if I kept this book and not the philosophy book it would screw up my Goodreads record keeping 4255 Sept 26 2017 Scurta si simpatica I liked this book for it s uick introduction to various topics in philosophy I enjoyed the extra stories and images included on The Margins It Helped Engage margins it elped engage into each chapter ok Diversified subjects approached and briefly debated semi scientific writing with a personal touch feels easy and relaxing to read Various references and experiments from Festinger to Milgram Every individual can learn something from it recommended This might ave been the greatest example of Don t judge a book by its cover because when my friend gave this to me on my birthday I thought of it as just another unprofessional book written by someone who wanted to share their collective knowledge of kitchen psychology as we call it Well to say the least my expectations were greatly exceeded FortunatelyThis book is fantastic to give an introduction to psychology and the many many areas it is used In And For Please Don and for Please don expect to exclusively learn about mental disorders and therapy strategies because clinic psychology takes up the smallest fraction of the diverse chaptersSpeaking of which the chapters are usually rather short but by doing so the author managed to find the perfect middle ground between factual based writing referencing famous experiments and studies examples from everyday life and overall importance of results for science as well as the attentive individualAs a psychology student I found this balance rather pleasing as it combined facts I ve learned about in un. Gy that affect our day to day lives and relationships and offers insight into man.
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