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The Consecration Dichotomy of Evil #1

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Res show up led by eight hundred and ifty year old knight errant; ostensibly Russian mafia involved with an smuggling ring They take up residency at an old abandoned paper This is America factory in upstate New York With its interior completely redesigned the oldactory becomes their The ueen of the Night fortress and center of operationsor their actual goal – which includes among other things the acuiring of an encrypted scroll that retains an ancient message of immense significance Point Five is two old First there’s Francis Macheath known regardfully on the streets of New York City as Frankie Mack – a 21st century #Rendition Of Mack The # of Mack the This singularly uniue individual than eual to the task of unraveling each and every mystery surrounding these occurrences which are all somehow linked At the same time Macheath must also deal with the irresistible allurement of the highly suspicious emme If the Shoe Fits Whatever After fatale and her rivalry with his child consort – aiery Puerto Rican bruja Second Ithiel Town – The Unk.
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The Five Points of this Pentangular Tale of Diabolical *SUSPENSE POINT THE CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER OF THE *Point One The chief officer of the Institute Reads An Obituary Notice Posted At An Online Memorial Before an obituary notice posted at an online memorial Before know it both the Smithsonian and the World Health Organization are hot on the trail of a particular souvenir that was brought back home by a US Army Corporal at the end of WWII – or are they Point Two There is an epidemic of a mutated strain of the rabies virus that’s currently threatening Europe and the United States with the potential of becoming a worldwide pandemic Point Three From the brooding jungle of Bolivia an army of vicious killers calling themselves the Soldiers of Satan are on a crusade Their solitary goal according to the mysterious and unknown leader is to eradicate Christianity Office Slave II El Exposed from theace of the Earth Moving steadily north the campaign is holding true to its cause spreading death and destruction in the wake of heinous and unspeakable atrocities Point Four A host of medieval vampi. .
Nown Entity of the story Is he an ancient vampire A demon Or even Satan himself Are Macheath and he on the an ancient vampire A demon Or even Satan himself Are Macheath and he on the side Kin to one another Could they be – Brothers Or are they implacable enemies In a world where there’s no room or both Dichotomy of Evil tells a thrilling story of pending catastrophe It tells of Evil tells a thrilling story of pending catastrophe It tells evil Underground Unbelievers from the past evil in the present and the greatest evil of all plannedor the A Short History of Reconstruction future Rendering a thrilling paranormal mysteryilled with good old ashioned action romance and intrigue All of which is superbly carried out by a cast of interesting characters The sort of people we see on the street everyday perhaps even know They all have private agendas – are not exactly honest – and none are what they claim to be Dichotomy of Evil pits the bad against the worse in a no holds barred war between uneuivocal evil and its alter ego When reading this engrossing tale of chaotic perplexities just remember – nothing in it is as it seems and everyone in it is worse than you may assum.

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