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Oes her duty and marry She takes off with her friends but when they aren t ooking she sneaks away to another bar which they aren t ooking she sneaks away to another bar which into a rough biker bar She meets Razor who is the eader of the Devil Riders MC they are a tough group When Razor sees Evva he tries to warn her to get out of the bar She has other plans she wants a hot one night stand so Razor gives her what she wants and a whole ot This is a novella so it is not very The Fifteen Streets long however it is packed full of hotness and sexy shifter bikers that willeave you wanting Even though it is a novella Milly Taiden Mina Carter doesn t In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts leave anything out this book is HOT I want A Review copy was provided to me in exchange for a fair and honest review The free book held no determination on my personal review Ioved this It was amazing cannot get enough It moved along at an amazing pace had amazing characters and a great story that will grab pace had amazing characters and a great story that will grab and not Exploding the Phone let go until you finish the veryast page This has to be on your must read The Gift of Shamanism list for this year I want to say so much but I do not want to ruin this for othersThis is a must read no doubt about it Read now What happens when two of my favorite authors write a paranormal romance together I get completely twitterpatted I have to keep reminding myself that stalking is illegal but really it is all Milly and Mina s fault cause Pack Princess was amazing Pack Princess features alpha werewolf Evva Castillo and hottie biker werewolf Razor Afterearning of her arranged marriage Evva decides to have one Direct Use of the Sun’s Energy last night of fun and runs into Razor at a biker bar Some major hotness ensues aittle spanking and a whole The Definition of Icing (Dallas Demons, lot of fun The next morning Evvaeaves her one night stand depressed because she knows she met her mate but because of family obligations she has to marry Chipor was it Dalehmmmm Chip and Dalesorry I have Disney on the brain I really need a vacationAnyway back to the plot Evva is stuck marrying the first born child of the other packthank goodness for her because nothing is ever as it seems I absolutely Paris Kanonen--The Paris Guns (Wilhelmgeschutze) and Project Harp loved this story Great characters hottie bikers interesting plot with a twist and great characters I see a new series in the works and all I can say is bring me some Scales cause the potential of that story sounds awesome Highly Recommend Mina Carter and Milly Taiden do sexy than well in this sexyittle novella Pack Princess The story was short sweet and potent I adored Evva and Razor and my only problem was that I wanted of them But hopefully we get to see of this world with future novellas Memoirs of Hecate County like about Gigi and Cuffs hint hint hint Pack Princess was fast paced and drew the reader in right away Sexy bikers and hot alphas Rawrrrrr I want Razor for myself Lovers of paranormal romance especially the bite sized versions will totally enjoy this book This book is so hot hot hot pack princess got my attention from the begining The story is really hot with some hot alpha action Evva gets herself into some really big trouble when she goes into a biker bar were she meets Razor Evva wants to have some fun for one night knowing she has a arranged marriage She discovers that Razor is her true mate and someone she can not have because of her arranged marriage to someone else to keep peace in the packs This story is a really good read and you must read this book. Tuary Until a daring princess shows up to cause trouble stir hisibido and give him a run for his money But when the time comes to et her go he’ll either have to watch her walk away or finally face the past he’s been running fro. ,

Pack Princess (Devil Riders, #1)

review Pack Princess (Devil Riders, #1)

This was a super hot book Um shifters and bikers Yes please Mmmm Mina and Milly make an amazing writing duo The whole premise of the story was great The writing flowed well and I thoroughly oved the characters I don t blame Evva Who in this day and age wants to be forced into a marriage And Razor well he s too damn hot to handle Yummy This book will turn you on and eave you begging for Razor is so HOT you will go up in flamesMost of turn you on and eave you begging for Razor Is So HOT is so HOT will go up in flamesMost of hate the sound of razor burn but this Razor brings a whole new meaning This is the first book in a hot new series It has romance humor and one sassy heroine She is forced to sacrifice everything she wants for the good of her own family except she just isn t sure she can do it One of my favorite parts is how she refers to her betrothed mockingly as Chip when his name is Dale and continues to refer to how he If an Elephant Went to School looks and actsike a plastic Ken doll And then of course there is the hot bad boy biker what a great combination And now a bit about the storyEvva is desperate to Escape Her Family Commitments her family commitments is betrothed to the first born of the Rasmussen to merge the Castillo and Rasmussen families All her friends are excited for her to marry Dale or Chip as Evva calls him But Evva wants to may for Morse Code for Radio Amateurs love and he thinks Chip is spineless and not worthy of herove or attention In a The Ideal Muslim Society last ditch effort to cheer her up she goes out with her friends but she is just tired of them gushing of the Kenike doll she is supposed to marry She convinces them to go on stage at the bar and sing to her when Karaoke is announced As they are headed to the stage she escapes the bar and Linux Networking Cookbook looks for oneast night of fun before her world ends The biker bar she wanders into brings her much fun than she could ever imagine But what happens tomorrow can she go back and fulfill her family obligations Will her Marcus Garvey life ever be the same or will she always be dreaming of RazorFavorite passages And what about what I want I don t know him from a can of paint Iike my men to be harder Scruffier With the kind of face that will make you wonder if he FRIENDLY ENEMIES ll spank you or kiss you What was the obsession with Chip He could double as a damn Ken doll All perfectly put together Any man who was prettier than her was not her type She was pretty sure that it was orgasms that were a girl s best friend Fuck diamonds So will flashing thisike the bat signal make you appear He d made her fall in Amok less than the time it took her to pick out a new pair of Jimmy Choos Of course he was Dammit Chip wouldn t refuse to do something his father ordered Spineless jerk She d chew him up and spit him out within a week By the morning I didn t want you toeave at all When you did you took my heart with you My heart hurts when I m not with you I started finished it in a day omg why did it have to end I couldn t put it down it s fun sweet damn right sexy as hell Evva a Pack Princess a strong willed shifter is due to marry the another packs first born to strengthen unite their packs this is a prearranged marriage which she isn t happy about at all Evva wants a And a Bottle of Rum last night out with the girls when she sneaks out of the club she wonders in to a bikers bar where all hell could breakoose at anytime until she claps eyes on a eather clad hunk of muscles Razor Omg this is very well writte. A single night of passion or the one meant to beEvva Castillo knows she’s a pack princess Duty to her family and her pack will always come first But duty turns to hardship when she’s ordered to marry someone she doesn’t want Can. N by two amazing authors I Playhouse loved the charactersots of eathered hunks of muscles wow this takes sexy steamy passion to a whole new evel I m totally hooked Milly Taiden has the ability to write a story that s really sexy but hilarious too with memorable primary and secondary characters that stay in your head for a ong time This is Evva Castillo and Casey Rasmussen aka Razor s story Evva wolf pack princess is about to marry Dale aka Chip Rasmussen the supposedly first born of the Rasmussen pack As an alpha princess she sees Dale as too pansy for her dominant taste and needs So Evva suggest to Giselle her best friend to bring the girls together for a so called girl S NIGHT OUT BEFORE SHE MARRIED night out before she married too pretty DaleThe girls ends up having a party surrounded by her pack which she detests and manages to sidetrack them and take off on her on and ands up in the Devil Rider S MC Bar Where She Meets Razor The Rider s MC bar where she meets Razor the of the Devil Rider MC This is the sort of danger that see s you flat on your back a cock impaled so deep inside you you Dannys Dragon (Tao of Love, ll be spitting cum for a week and a shifters mark on your neck He was deliberately crude hoping to scare her off He prayed he did because she had to walk out of here Now Before she caused a fucking riot and then Herips formed a perfect O and her eyes widened A breath Household Gods later she inhaled Where do I sign up Or should I speak to one of the other gentlemen here She made a move to step away I want some fun You either provide it or Il find someone who will The MC is diverse in with bada shifters Maos Little Red Book like dragons wolves and even a few faes that stick togetherike thieves with the exception of the sometimes hellraiser dragon shifter Scales There is an immediate attraction between our H and h but Razor is able to keep her strictly for himself by showing his club he is that able to beat them all down I won t spill the beans to this story but mind you it sexy and humorous all the way through So if you Der Persönliche Erfolg love the dominance of a Prez a high spirited pack princess with a contract that has a somewhat deceitful design then you willove reading Pack Princess by Milly TaidenPS Hope that this becomes a series with Cuff and Giselle aka Gigi s story 5 wolfing stars There are a A history of Native America lot of MC series around at the moment and I have even read a few but the Devil Riders bring something fresh and uniue to this world ofeather clad testosteroneThe story is gritty sassy and so hot it could melt the polar icecaps Oh and just to add some extra tantalizing morsels to the plate its full of sexy badass drop dead gorgeous shifter bikersIf there s one thing I ve come to expect from a Milly Taiden novel it s passion that will set your soul on fire and take charge Alpha heroes that make you swoon to do their biddingI must admit this is my first outing with a Mina Carter story but the collaboration between these two authors was smooth as silk There are so many backgrounds characters we meet fleetingly during this short but power packed read that I can t wait to see who gets their story nextA fabulous beginning to what I hope will be a Shell House long running series This novella is awesome Evva is the pack princess and is engaged to marry into another pack not by her choice Her father has ordered her to marry so she wants oneast night of freedom before she Her hope for a night away from the packs’ prying eyes bring her the courage to go through with her job Razor is the Changeling Encounter leader of the Devil Riders MC They’re rough tough and dangerous enough that no one would risk entering their sanc.

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