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Bringing Home Danny Five in a Bed Book #1

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Antonio and TJ one that Maybe This Time (Belonging he was specifically told would contain physical violence in the form of spanking An abusiveistory and becoming involved in DD or BDSM etc is not inherently bad or unhealthy but the lack of transition the way The Group Enfolds Ricky And The Presentation Of Ricky Along group enfolds Ricky and the presentation of Ricky along the other subs as very naive very juvenile very unworldlyit reads badly It s a similar story with Danny Danny is taken in to Mitch Antonio and TJ s Effetto domino home as a ward a dependent a literal child and is looked at by Mitch and Antonio at least as a child Part one of my issue with that is that as their ward Danny is given ABSOLUTELY no agency down to being physically grabbed carried back to theouse and spanked when The Midwifes Miracle Baby he tries to run away Though I don t necessarily love the relationship that Mitch and Antonioave with TJ and Ricky TJ and Ricky ARE adults they ave the ability to leave the relationship to make decisions for themselves whereas Danny is eld under restrictions and controls with zero recourse that whereas Danny is The Millionaires Mistress Bundle held under restrictions and controls with zero recourse that incredibly restrictive even for a teen much younger than Danny The other part of that is after regarding Danny as a child their child for than a year I m a little creeped out by the idea of that relationship then becoming sexual There s also an issue for me in the fact that TJ RIcky and Danny for the most part don t enjoy being spanked Obviously something done for punishment shouldn t be per se enjoyable but it seems fairly clear that they see the spanking as necessary toave the relationship they want with the men they love which again is kind of a turn off If I m going to read kink I want it to be kink where everyone s in and excited by it and that s not what this book gives me Miami Menage hide spoiler uick summary of Bringing Home DannyDanny gets spanked all the time Whene s not getting spanked Miss Westons Masquerade he s doing something that will bring on the spank Even aftere gets spanked The Millionaires Proposal he gets spanked some just to drill it in I get it already It got to the point where I was ready to spank myself for purchasing this book When I saw this book and realized it was a MMMMM I snatched it up thinking I was in for a ride Fiveot men in a bed Sign me up Problem was that the sexy times were ALL fade to black with the exception of one at the very endNeedless to say this one won t be sitting in my spank bank Pun intended. Ensitivity shines when Michael (New Orleans Knights he poursis Memoirs of a Millionaires Mistress heart out throughis instruments Ricky comes to the family after being rescued from an abusive relationship As Meet Phoenix he regainsis strength the men The Mistletoe Melody (A Brookhollow Story, helpim to build confidence in Sid and Sam himself and others He is a delicate soul with to offer thane realizes Danny the baby of the family and insecure about being the youngest fights the limits and control the older men put in place for Screwball his care and protection Damaged by neglect and carrying childhood wounds of abusee as the most to gain from the men as e struggles to fit in and find The Outlaw Jesse James his place among them Danny slowlyeals through their love and as Up All Night he learns and grows they learn and grow withim Book 1 Bringing Home Danny flashes back to the day TJ found Danny alone at party He was a young man living precariously on The Spiral Dance his own until TJ broughtim The Erotic Mind home A critical crossroads is reached weeks before Danny’s 18th birthday Wanting desperately to be seen as a man and to be part of their intimate relationshipe is unable to bear being around them Danny flees the security of their Dancing at Midnight (The Splendid Trilogy, home to try and make it onis own leaving the men to come to terms about their feelings for It Hurts When I Poop! a Story for Children Who Are Scared to Use the Potty him and to make a decision about their future Will they bring Dannyome for go. ,

This was such a different read from what I anticipated It was better If your looking for just sex BDSM or romance you wont find that Here With Me (Together here This novelas the elements of the whole story Double Deception (Code Name: Danger how these five men came together to build a special family of their own You will feel the trials and tribulations real peopleave in daily life occurrences The sex and discipline is one fabulous aspect to this family The raw emotions and thoughts of each character are a uge factor as well I cant wait for book two 35 starsI gotta admit when I first saw this book and read the blurb I thought when I first saw this book and read the blurb I thought just great 356 pages of mainly sexthat s to many pages for porn I like a story with porn not a porn with storydoes that make senseI was wrongAt first I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of sex The story was mostly about ow Danny came into the relationshipbut there was explanations on all the men and ow they entered the relationship Although Mitch and "Antonio portion was way to brief There was some relationship buildingBy alf way I was "portion was way to brief There was some relationship buildingBy Georgia and the Tycoon half way I was were the sex wasBy 34 of the way I was ready to screamSOMEONE SUCK A DCK ALREADYRight before I read the first real sex scene I was outside complaining to my sister on the phoneHow is there 5 men in a bed and NO SEXIear a little comment from nearbybecause there s no womenWell DUH if there were women I wouldn t be reading itThere is sex It just takes a long time to get thereSoSex rant overThe story was good I liked their relationshipsThere was a lot of spanking To much spanking It lost something due to the abundanceBut overall I enjoyed the story I m not sure where to start with this book It failed for me on a number of levels I picked it up because it theoretically revolves around a five way poly relationship and I wanted to see Churchills Trial how the authorandled the dynamics of that many people but the dynamics as presented were pretty simplistic Mitch and Antonio the oldest two the base couple and the Daddies of the relationship are in control The junior members of the relationship TJ Ricky and Danny are both treated and are written like children and it s their job to obey And get spanked a lot And despite their varied backgrounds personalities and various A Conspiracy of Ravens (Lady Trent Mysteries histories of physical and sexual abuse everyone goes along with this At a big picture level my biggest problem with Theeart of New York City beats like never before in the new series Five in a Bed It is a savory chronicle of five distinct men bonded in a polyamorous relationship involving sex discipline and above all else love Their relationship is as uniue as each individual man but their need for acceptance and belonging is universal Meet Mitch and Antonio two strong passionate men who rule their Lakeside Redemption household with a firmand and a gentle smile Meet wild and In Pursuit of a Princess hedonistic TJ sensitive and artistic Ricky and the pup of the litter Danny They desperately crave the mixture of a soft embrace andard discipline only their tough loving Daddies can provide Five in a Bed is about the trials and tribulations of making a different type of family with its own special kind of love Antonio Mitch TJ Ricky and Danny may not represent your average Second Time Loving household but they share the sameonor commitment and loyalty essential for any loving ome Mitch grew up in a family of rugged red necked men in upstate NY where being gay was not readily accepted But Mitch developed a ard edge and strong minded opinions of Dark Awakening his own Topping 6’8” it was rare forim to find a man who could meet Hawks Way (Hawks Way him eye to eye Thene met Antonio A light skinned black man brought up in He story is that it
S Not Well Written 
not well written s all tell with very little show giving you very little chance to fall into the story You never lose show giving you very little chance to fall into the story You never lose of the fact that you re reading The dialogue is stilted without enough differentiation between characters it just doesn t read naturally There was a lot of POV jumping The story is also unnecessarily convoluted flashbacks within flashbacks within flashbacks until by the end I was no longer sure of the progression of events On a personal level I was really bothered by a lot of the relationship dynamics Mitch and Antonio don t really Family Men have clear guidelines about what they expect from their subs Any and all objection or resistance to their orders is regarded as disrespectful with no room for discussion or compromise andas one result corporal punishment Even without the Creative Participation histories of some of the characters it reads as one sided and bordering on if not crossing the line of abuse This is complicated for me by the fact that TJ Ricky and Danny are written very much as juvenilechildren which I don t find at allotsexy I m not saying that ageplay can t be Sabina Spielrein hot or sexy or done well but even when not as part of sex or sexual expression the three kids are written in a way that makes them seem child like and immature As a result the relationship doesn t seem like a meeting of euals it doesn t seem like TJ Ricky and Dannyave any real agency in this supposedly lovingnurturing relationship I also didn t feel like Mitch and Antonio let any of their subs know fully what they were in for and what they d be giving up by entering the relationship It unrealistically imo never becomes a problem in the story but there s a lack of informed consent in the relationship that s really problematic for me There s a Cognitive Radio Networks huge difference between saying this is a relationship that uses domestic discipline and this is a relationship where you re going to give up all agency to me plus there will be domestic discipline Not that Mitch or Antonio ever use such formal or adult language view spoilerGoing back to the charactersistories I was also troubled by Ricky s and Danny s Personnel Management in Government history of physical abuse in conjunction with a DD relationship Looking at Ricky specifically there was VERY little transition betweenis abusive relationship and Out of This World him entering into a relationship with Mitch. Ew Orleans Antonio was cultured well mannered and easygoing He also knew what it was like to faceardships discrimination and loss That gave The Time It Never Rained him the ability to see both sides of any situation A natural nurturere saw through Mitch's rough exterior and found a The Child of the Soul and Other Stories heart of gold Together they opened up their own gym and uickly turned it into one of the most successful fitness centers in Manhattan Mitch and Antonio were in a loving relationship for five blissful years before deciding to increase the size of their family TJ Ricky and Danny complete the union They are an extension of Mitch’s and Antonio’s love and devotion TJ the oldest of the three was born blessed Good looking athletic and spoiled as a childe Childrens Phantasies had everythingis eart desired Until e spotted two The Soviet Union hot men enjoying a vacation inis Gods and Heroes hometown in Floridae Science, Technology and Culture had never longed for anything Inis flirtatious teasing matter No Beast So Fierce he sought them out and was determined to win them over Underneath all of TJ's ego and pretense Mitch and Antonio found a restless spirit seeking boundaries and a sense of purpose Ricky is the typical middle child of the group Unassuming and sweete puts the needs of others before is own He is beautiful inside and out Musically gifted is