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Alex and Steven are going to learn that happy ever after is not always what it seems Especially in Wonderland I received a copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review through I m not even sure where to start with this book it was by far one of the strangest book I ve ever read It was hard to keep up with all the characters it was a wacky read with drugs alcohol and sex rampant through out the book Which normally isn t a big deal but for me there wasn t a lot of character development through the book Alex was pretty self absorbed through the whole book which made it hard for me to really like him The summary drew me in and I felt it had potential but then it went downhill very uicklyI ve never read a story where I m only a uarter of the way through and I want to skip to the ending because I was that bored with it But I suffered throughI felt as if Alex didn t have any type of growth throughout the whole book He was known for drugs and having sex even if he was clean for six months while with Steven And look he got to take drugs and have sex thanks to whoever kidnapped Steven Did he feel guilty sure But no one actually forced his hand I don t believe for a second that he would have followed through with Steven s kidnapper s demands Or at least not in their entirety And I believe all except one or two times he was not forced to do drugs or have sex At least one of the times Alex hooked up with Aaron was without the influence of drugs or alcohol And then when he found Steven it was all forgiven No one is that understanding because as I mentioned not all of Alex s times with the twins or Aaron were forced by Steven s kidnapper Those that Alex was doing because Steven s life was threatened I could almost believe Steven forgave him because he overheard what Alex was supposed to do But everything else No I don t care how supposedly deeply in love they are It wouldn t happenThen trying to sound mysterious and tricky with who Steven s kidnapper was just had this entire story going around in circles Knowing about Nathan was really all that was necessary but to have it in between somewhat pivotal chapters No Fail right there You break up the action with than just one chapter even Not to mention that it wasn t known right away that the reader was jumping back into Alex s past Personally I think waiting until Nathan s discovered would have been the best point in time to have the flashback Because by the time I learned Nathan was behind it I forgot all about those few Alex s past chapters That may be a good thing for some readers but honestly I forgot because I was bored with the story not because I was wrapped up in any of the drama It was poor drama poorly writtenOne final thing I ll focus on is the characterization of the main group It was all very cliche and stereotypical The constant flirting touching dirty talk and having sex It was just overwhelming andor annoying That s not how all gay males act And not all gay males want to have threesomes or foursomes The only person we know for sure who wasn t into the idea of three or foursomes was Steven but he was kidnapped so any role he could have played in adding diversity to the group was missed I wanted to consider this a 25 rating and boost it up to 3 since goodreads doesn t do halves but then I realized I just couldn t This book is not really my type of book but I thought I would give it a go After all I love Alice in Wonderland and from the sound of the blurb this author really warped it up And he didIn his version Wonderland is a decadent nightclub filled with every sort of sin ou could imagine and it makes it all okay The problem for Alex our protagonist Alice was that he was in love with Steven owner of the white rabbit and Steven wasn t a fan of some of its vices Like drugs Since Alex bought some to help him get up the nerve to propose he lost his boyfriend Unfortunately he just might lose him permanentlyI gave it four stars because the author did an incredible job of taking Alice in Wonderland and warping it wonderfully into this avant garde world Was it my type of book No Did I like the characters I loved how the author drew them but the characters themselves No In fact at the end I had to actually agree with one of the statements made by the bad guy The gist of his words is ou can t one of the statements made by the bad guy The gist of his words is ou can t Love Letters you love someone and then go have sex with everything else that moves I m in agreement with that And uite honestly Alex did not have a lot to recommend him I won t tellou what happened at the end of the book but I will tell ou it didn t really happen the way I would have liked I m hoping even though I have no plans to read the next book "that a certain someone wakes up and walks away I m just not sure Alex "a certain someone wakes up and walks away I m just not sure Alex be saved from the crazy lifestyle he keeps jumping intoThis is not a romance no matter how much Alex and Steven s relationship is brought up It s a wonky trip through Wonderland Prepare for the unexpectedReviewed by a nony mouse for Crystal s Many ReviewersCopy provided for revie. Hile being seduced by a pair of twinks who are tweedlehot and tweedlehotter Things only get weirder when Alex learns that Steven is missing and an anonymous phone call warns him that he’ll never see Steven againunless he eats this drinks that and dives deeper down the rabbit hole of decadence This certainly isn’t just another weekend in Wonderla.

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Things to read about is club culture and Alice in Wonderland When I saw this book I immediately reuested it and thought it would be a pretty different read And it was but it was pretty disappointingThe book centers around Alex Alice who s hunting for his boyfriend Steven the White Rabbit who has been kidnapped Sounds interesting right And I m not going to lie it actually was fairly engaging for the first half of the book I could feel how nervous and scared Alex was for Steven and I genuinely felt bad for him Unfortunately the second half rolled aroundThis is when Alex lost interest in Steven He spent his time going out and having brunch really these people have brunch like everyday Just have breakfast already with his ex boyfriend and "Having Sexy Foursomes I Get Trying To "sexy foursomes I get trying to the pain of loosing someone but it s not like he had dropped off the face of the Earth Alex knew he was in trouble but he filled his times with dancing and drugs instead of actual detective workIn addition to that I felt that a lot of the characters blended together The tweedles Jesse and Colton have literally no personality other then wanting to fuck everything that movesIncluding each other I still don t know if they were actually twins or just looked really similar so while I m not really against incest in this book I have to twin so it was kind of awkward to read personallyHis girl friend Dinah was nothing but a girl to highlight how gay Alex was And it s not just her Everything in this book was nothing but a highlight on how gay everyone was It was either them literally fucking every guy or pointing out how they did nothing but fuck In fact if there was a reverse Bechdel Test this book would fail Every character only talked about guys and I got really tired of it really fastAnd don t even get me started on the mystery aspect When the kidnapper was really revealed I was honestly pissed off The guy had maybe half a flashback page dedicated to him and nothing else I literally had no idea who the killer was because I was never given any clues Plus his reasons were flimsy as fuck I meanreally dude He holds onto a grudge for like ten to fifteen ears because he what Repressed Angry I don t even knowEverything in Wonderland was nothing but a gay stereotype All any of the characters did was fuck and do drugs They were loose horny and couldn t go then five minutes without fucking I m pretty sure people are trying to destroy those stereotypes and this book perpetuates them To his credit Browatzke s writing was awesome He created an incredible club atmosphere that I could really loose myself in Plus there were some very intense drug scenes I enjoyed reading about So it get s intense drug scenes I enjoyed reading about So it get s extra star for writing alone And that pretty emotional scene with the Walrus which was upsetting and heartbreaking at the same time I also enjoyed the few scenes with the ueen of Hearts Her identity though Against WTF 355 starsWelcome to Wonderland the hottest night club in town where booze drugs sex and sweaty sexy men are wall to wall in abundance Alex swore to himself and to his boyfriend Steven that he would stop indulging in all the not so hidden treasures of Wonderland But staying on the straight and narrow isn t as easy as it seems especially when being bad is as simple as a trip across the dance floor being fondled by the hip jirating twins then winding up at Caterpillars table for a taste After Steven finds Alex s stash in his pants pockets he breaks things off Alex retreats back to Wonderland and winds up cracked out of his mind waking up in the twin s bed the next morning What s worse is when he goes to Steven s house to try and make things right Steven isn t there he is missing The events that take place after Alex s night of debauchery are both mind blowing and fanatical In a race against time to save Steven from the psycho that has kidnapped him and is playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse with Alex and their friends Alex takes a mind blowing trip down the rabbit hole into the secretive depths of Wonderland I loved how Browatzke took the bones of the classic Wonderland story mangling and twisting the plot into his own twisted tale of sex drugs mystery and intrigue From the night club to the bathhouse and everything in between Alex has to dig deep to decipher the clues he is given if he is going to bring Steven back home There were a few twists and turns that left me dizzy though and a couple times the flow from one aspect of the story to the next was jumpy or broken which put a damper on the overall feel of the story But the almost psychedelic feel of this book really kept me engrossed and entertained throughout If ou like me are inexplicably drawn to anything and everything Alice in Wonderland esue then this is a must read for ou While I had a few issues with characters and plots within the story overall I am impressed with the Authors ability to spin a tale and intrigued with this world he has created I cannot wait until May when the next book Mirrorball releases I am certain that. It off and Alex heads out to drown his sorrows in WonderlandThe hottest hippest nightclub in town Wonderland is where every boy’s dreams come true Where the DJ Hatter spins the maddest tracks the Caterpillar sells the trippiest drugs and the ueen of Hearts sends every drag diva off with her head Still Alex can’t stop thinking about Steven even The reviews killed my joy for this one Alice "in Wonderland with gay stereotypes and lots of sex drugs and BRUNCHPass Wonderland was a really fun to read "Wonderland with gay stereotypes and lots of sex drugs and BRUNCHPass Wonderland was a really fun to read mystery part thriller part shallow sexy adventure and full of fun witty humor throughout I m really anxious to get on to the next book because just was just a so much fun Of course if ou re one who pays attention to everybody else s reviews before reading a book eah I might turn away from this one There were lots What a wild rideWow this is not what I was expecting The characters felt like I ve known them for Λίγη Ζωή years the plot pretty wild filled with sex drugs and partying Just when I thought I had it figured out a new twist came Can t wait for the next book I was excited for a mash up read that combined Alice in Wonderland aspects with a modern day theme And really some of the Alice characters do fit nicely into a gay themed story coming already ingrained in our consciousness as rather flamboyant over the top characters Rob Browatzke has a smooth writing style bringing descriptive elements and twisting characters in a way that works to fit a theme that is edgy and LBGT While the first half of the book was uite uniue and engaging as we get to know the characters and see their correlations to the story Alex as Alice Steven as the White Rabbit Dinah the girlfriendcat a drug dealing caterpillar and the Tweedles Jesse and Colton Set up as a promise from Alex to Steven that he will stop indulging in the various devilish delights that are to be found at the club Wonderland I was excited to see where the story would go Possibilities seemed endless even with some fairly cut and dried stereotyping of the secondary characters And then Steven is kidnapped and the mystery ensues Well that is if Alex can ever get his head or body out of the multiple erotic and drug induced diversions provided for his healing Sadly Alex stopped growing lost his tenuous connection to my empathy and my patience withet another stereotype was exhausted What could have been something wonderful and uniue held on to only shards of brightness as the promise of the story as set up in the first half is shattered in convoluted repetitive and often mindless acts sexual and mystery solving I still am uncertain as to who the killer was and the kidnapper was just as unsettling Early on in the story Browatzke managed to solidly establish the sexual preferences of his characters giving them emotional depth and showing the similarities and differences in homosexual choices to hetero readers Then he goes off on tangents that seem designed only to reinforce the extent to which the characters are homosexual delving into stereotypes that felt to me slightly homophobic and dismissive to the community as a whole I was disappointed and saddened expecting and getting less With a uniue premise that works nicely in the first half it felt as if the ideas had fled and the author needed to add words to reach some unknowable goal Missing the promise of the premise is always a disappointment to me as a reader especially when Browatzke s writing skills are SO apparent throughout the story But writing is not all that is needed for storytelling and that is proven in all that is needed for storytelling and that is proven in book I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review I was not compensated for this review all conclusions are my own responsibility I wasn t sure what to expect from this book but as soon as I dived into Wonderland I couldn t get back through the rabbit hole until I d finished If it had been a paperback I would have skipped to the end than once but I m glad I didn t Essentially Wonderland is a nightclub but oh what a club I SO wish I could go there The only thing better than the club are the outrageous characters that freuent it The supertiwns DJ The Hatter The local drug dealer The Caterpiller The drag ueen The ueen of Hearts Then there s the owner of Alex s building Mr Carrol and his neighbour Walrus Carpenter All very Alice in Wonderlandish But it s not twee or kitch There is actually a gripping story Alex has broken up with Steven who has a car called a White Rabbit and is very sorry about it When Steven goes missing Alex starts having calls from a stranger who knows a heck of a lot about him and seems to be very close The stranger leads him on a merry dance through decadence until a final shocking confrontationThe book is not perfect There are some elements of the story that don t always ring true and I found the way Alex keeps flashing back to replay his relationship with Steven from the very start The flashbacks pulled me out of the story and I don t think they were necessary That s what cost the book one star On the whole however the book was captivating and rich and I loved it to the point I m definitely going to snap up the seuel Through the Mirrorball Thank ou Netgalley for providing me a free digital review copy in exchange for an honest reviewFuck Just just fuck I was so looking forward to this book Two of my favorite. Boy Meets Boy Boy Loses BoyBoy Goes to WonderlandAfter six months of hot and heavy dating Alex is ready to say goodbye to the sex drugs and dance till dawn lifestyle and settle down with the love of his life Steven He even bought an engagement ring But when Steven finds an illicit party favor in Alex’s pocket the powder hits the fan Steven breaks. ,

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