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Hey met And it was delicious to watch as it was entertaining Just their whole banter and back and forth between them was ust fun Loved all the passion they had for one another The love scenes were pretty spicy and tantalizing There was one really detailed scene that was the first time scene was written well and showed how much chemistry and connection that they had It raised my pulse increased by a few degrees I loved that scene as did I love the other ones as well I ust "Wished They Were Longer "they were longer detailed like the first one They ust had so much passion that they sizzled and I wanted of that But it did not dissuade my enjoyment of the book I loved both characters in this book They were both relatable and enjoyable They both had their past issues that they needed to work through before they could have a healthy relationship By being together and falling in love was catalyst in order for them to make changes in their lives so they could get their happily ever after I loved seeing their ourney together and separately And I rooted for both of them all the way through There was good angst and tension between them because of the emotional issues from the past It was a good balance between the sexy chemistry that they shared with the emotional component And it ust created that entertaining back and forth as well as the denial

of it all Again fun watch In fact the whole book was The Holistic Guide to Decluttering: Organize and Transform Your Space, Time, and Mind just a really fun enjoyable uick read It was a lighter read than some of the other Presents that I have read despite the fact that there were emotional pieces here They were less gut wrenching but it was still a really good story and I loved it More than I thought I would So greatob Sharon Kendrick Thanks for this great holiday read. Sically compelling man on her doorstep The sheikh she dared to refuse is here to whisk her off to his kingdom and this time he won't take no for an answerA passionate read for Christmas nights. I had great hopes for this book when I started reading it Livvy "seemed like a very spunky girl that wasn t going to take crap "like a very spunky girl that wasn t going to take crap from a Sheikh She was working hard at keeping up the historical home as a sort of B B rather than working with horsesSaladin needs her horse whispering skills for his own horse I liked Saladin to a point He wasn t overly arrogant but he did go out of his way to get what he wantsThen things started to "Go Wrong For Me "wrong for me power outage from a snow storm as well as Livvy being a virgin ust didn t sit with me that and how uickly these two fell into bed I always like a little getting to know you thing rather than a fling or a seductionThe other thing that disappointed me was the lack of CHRISTMAS IN THE STORY I READ HOLIDAY STORIES BECAUSE in the story I read holiday stories because love that theme in the plot of the story That element was pretty much nonexistent here except that Livvy s guests were due for the holidayEverything else was pretty predictable from there on including her healing his horse I m notgoing to complain about that though because even in fiction I don t want to see an animal sufferThis wasn t a bad read It is pleasant enough for a uick weekend fix but it ust didn t fit the holiday bill for me The Sheikh s Christmas Conuest was a compelling romance about a hero dealing with past heartache and the stubborn heroine who gives him a chance at loveWhile this book was a very uick read compelling too I felt the hero was lacking that devious over the top obsessed uality which would have made it a 5 star I wanna do a reread type of romance Sadly the hero has a mediocre alpha uality that makes this reader a bit disappointed Sharon Kendrick incorporates angst drama and electrifying chemistry between her flawed character. Summoned by the sheikhSheikh Saladin Al Mektala isn't used to being disobeyed Incomprehensibly the woman he summoned to help his favorite mare the best horse whisperer in the world turned his. ,

The Sheikhs Christmas Conuest The Bond of Billionaires #2S in The Sheikh s Christmas Conuest which make for an indulgent read At first I hated Saladin For me he he d been too arrogant too chauvinistic towards Olivia But as the story progressed I saw Saladin to be than ust a handsome wealthy man who lived a royal life and commanded others to do his will As "A CHARACTER HE HAD DEPTH HE HAD A SENSE "character he had depth he had a sense loyalty in him once he opens up to Olivia Olivia on the other hand compliments Saladin But she brings her own set of baggage into the mix Her stubbornness her feistiness creates friction between her and Saladin as they discover themselves in each other s arms "Overall The Sheikh S Christmas "The Sheikh s Christmas is a sexy and provocative story that will keep you entertained until the last pageRecommended4 Stars I have not read the first book in this series but that is ok as this book is a stand alone novel This is another book that I have read recently where I found myself really into the storyline and the characters Olivia takes the lead as a strong female but don t count Saladin out too uickly as he can dish it right back to Olivia as much as she can hash it out Their chemistry was undeniable Plus they kept the story entertaining with their comments I would not mind being stuck in a cabin in the winter with someone like Saladin Even though Saladin mind being stuck in a cabin in the winter with someone like Saladin Even though Saladin rich he never flatted it and was down to Earth The Sheikh s Christmas Conuest is a fun uick steamy read This is my first Christmas read of the holiday season and have to say I was thoroughly impressed and immensely enjoyed it It was a pretty perfect read This romance was sweet tender and hot And add the holiday season vibe and you have a winner The chemistry between Saladin and Olivia was off the charts and pretty much began from the moment Generous offer down So he takes matters into his own handsThe snow is falling the fire is roaring and the mince pies are in the oven when innocent Olivia Miller finds a darkly handsome and phy.