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Defending Their Mate is Grace s story We first met Grace in the Protecting Their Mate series I loved Grace She is a bit broken but strong and a survivor even if she doesn t know it Grace finds herself turning towards Mac knowing that he understands better than either can express Mac and Connor might be a package deal at least to start And boy are they hot together I loved how Connor is trying all manner of things to Make Feel At Home I M Rooting feel at home I m rooting Mac right now to win Grace s heart and wolf if he can get past his own hurt Can t wait for the next book I love Mia Thorne and her Shifter books You get so enthralled with her imagery and characters that I always get sad when I finish the books so uickly Heavy sigh But did I say that I loved her books HAThe Wolf shifter pack dynamics are intense With Blake and Ashley now mated and Ashley expecting their first pup Grace feels so lost Ashley has tried reaching out to her but Grace has her personal demons that are winning over her What if her wold comes out and hurts these people that have protected her What is she hurts Mac again She is not sure she can game this but at the same time she needs to protect herself from something bad happening again How can she be leaning towards these two wolves one so sweet and the other incredible fierceMac and Connor both desire Grace and both know that she is their destined mate but it will take a great leap for her to see this and not feel threatened How can they bring her to feel their desire and know that they could not hurt her Can the three work together to get what all of them want Already I like this one than book one However only part one is out It s going to be a wait till Book two Too shortNo where near out It s going to be a wait till Book two Too shortNo where near I need Mac and Conner These books are really great I love reading about Ashley and Blake as well Can t wait for the next one WOWZA BUCKLE UP MY LOVELIES HERE WE GO AGAIN Wow I absolutely love it Mia Thorne has dazzled her readers again with another exciting new series Defending Their Mate It s a spin off of her original serial Protecting Their Mate and picks up with the familiar gang of the Last Pack World three months after their confrontation with the Great Lakes Pack She wolf Grace was abducted by the Great Lakes Pack and held against her will Unmated female werewolves are very rare but the real problem was Grace had no idea she was a wolf until after she was captured and mistreated by the savage Great Lakes Pack They were cruel and only wanted to use her as a breeder but Grace was still a virgin and suffered through her first and only heat cycle alone refusing to allow any of her captors to touch her She had become almost feral and tried to kill any of the Great Lakes Pack that tried to mate her The Great Lakes Pack wanted to trade her for Ashley but Grace killed one of them after he threatens Ashley Grace was determined to not allow another woman to become one of their victims This resulted in an all out fight to the death between the two packs and the group of evil wolves from the Great Lake Pack were killed Lucas and his ragtag group of professional underground fighters have given shelter to Gra. Defending Their Mate Part One It's been three months since her new pack saved Grace from captivity They're everything she never knew to expect as a werewolf loyal devoted and fiercely protective But her peace of mind is threatened by the arrival of her mating fever and the crushing desire it brings The last time she went into heat her wolf would accept none of her captors and the thwarted need almost drove her mad Now she finds herself drawn to. .

Ce and she has become the newest addition to their pack They have vowed to accept defend and protect her with no strings attached but can they
"protect her from "
her from Grace knows another heat cycle is almost upon her but she s still too afraid to trust anyone She can t stop thinking about Mac and Connor and for reasons she can t comprehend is drawn to the dangerous dark Mac and the sweet sexy Connor and wonders what it would be like to submit to the needs of her body and demands of her wolf and allow herself to be with them But Grace cares deeply for this unlikely band of good samaritans and is willing to sacrifice her sanity and her life to is willing to sacrifice her sanity and her life to them Unfortunately the only way she knows to do that is to run away but a very pregnant Ashley has become her first and only friend and she is ust so tired of running always feeling alone Can she learn to trust these men or will all hope be once again shattered by the arrival of her heat cycle Does she have the strength left within her to protect her new pack from the remaining members of the Great Lake Pack out to seek retribution for their fallen comrades I guess we ll have to read the series But I will say this The story is exciting thrilling intense compelling heartbreaking romantic arousing and hotter than a pistol The dialogue is smart well written and flows effortlessly The characters are captivating engaging raw and sexy as sin Thorne skillfully combines these elements into a wonderfully entertaining paranormal romance Beautiful troubled she wolf longing for something she can t identify check Handsome pack of wealthy wolf shifters dedicated to saving she wolves and their pack check Danger drama malevolent pack of wolves and inner demons from the past check Heated attraction fiery passion heartbreaking angst and some steamy dreamy sex check And did I mention a sexy menage a trois Ya ll know this is a Mia Thorne book we re talking about so yeah there s a menage a trois included Hot Hot Hot Better buckle up my lovelies here we go again I can hardly wait to read the next book This is a serial with multiple installments and dare I say it cliffhangers so be forewarned folks Yikes Fabulous entertainment and an awesome read Grace the newest pack member from when we saw her She Had Join Asheley had oin Asheley pack but she is skittish around men nor does she trust easily except with Blake and Asheley due to the fact they are Mated and hes not a threat to her that he would claim her as his own but what does Mac and Connor who stirs thoughts in Graces mind one she things is strong the other who is too sweet but which can win her heart as wel as her wolf and will it be the two mentioned or someone else find out by buying this and see how the adventure continues with the next chapter and Grace s story this was an arc review Another top read in this series I am awaiting email from the author as these books are now published under Kit Rocha to announce when I can get the next books in the series AWESOMERaw intense searing a positively DELICIOUS sensually indulgent read that immerses the reader in visceral experiences of primal lust vengeful rage and fierce love in all its. Two very different wolves Connor's easy affectionate nature makes her feel worshiped sheltered And Mac's inner darkness calls to her own feral cravings Tragedy has left Mac emotionally locked away unwilling to take a mate It doesn't matter that Grace sparks lust as well as his instincts He'll keep her safe defend her with his life if necessary But he can't risk his heart Control over his wolf is all that matters to Connor until Grace But claimin. Defending Their Mate, Part One