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BIG CATS CANNOT PURR My love for science was really challenged here If you don t believe me ask Sir David Attenborough It messed with my head I understand they are shifters and there can Attenborough It messed with my head I understand they are shifters and there can some creative writing buuuut this didn t add up in my head Lions cannot purr It s only smaller cats that can do that Nothing happened beyond what was mentioned in the blurb I missed interactions I missed character development and I missed action We did et a little tension with what happened to Natalia but that was it The writing wasn t bad and it was nice enough to follow it just lacked a lot of things that I felt missed for me to rant it any higher rating It also jumped uite uickly to the next without any explanations but I do think that s because it s so short and the author wanted to add a full story It feel short though The insta love was thick and unbelievable I don t hate insta love as long as I feel their connection I didn t here Not a book for me And I will not be continuing the series Read 221020191st rating 2 stars Genresub enres paranormalshifterslioninsta loveCover 2 stars POV Dual 3rd person Natalia and LoganWill I recommend No Cute story I Uncommon Wisdom got hooked from the beginning Natalia and Logan s first meeting didn to very well when he sent back his steak at her restaurant twice and she told him to leave She knew how to cook a steak it s not her fault that he couldn t figure out that it was perfect She actually yelled at him which made the Unseen City guys he was with smile and laugh Logan is a lion shifter and the leader of his pride He and his brothers don t have mates because there aren t a lot of female lionesses around any The lion shifters could soon been in a dangerous predicament if they didn t take mates and start producing cubs Natalia was having her own problems in her restaurant with her manager constantly selling oriving away the food so there wasn t enough to make in the restaurant They weren t making enough money to pay the bills most months so she was really in a bad way and ready to uit and move on if things didn t Art get better Later Logan buys the restaurant from the owners and hires her to make dinner for him and his brothers at his house The sparks flew between them when she spots him and finds out that he s her new boss She wanted to throttle him but instead makes the dinner she was hired to make and they talk about the restaurant There s some really shifty thingsoing on at the restaurant with her manager and the venders but things really heat up at one point and Natalia is attacked Logan as well as his brothers come to her aid and Logan is God Is in the Crowd great with her after what she s just been through They reallyet close at this time and start making plans to be together even move in together Then she accidentally finds out what he is and it scares her so much so that she needs time apart from him which slices him up inside since he knows she s his mate and he feels like she rejected him Even though there s a bit of a hiccup in their relationship for a bit they stopped caring for each other which helps bring them back

His brothers are Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard great and really loved how caring they are I m looking forward to reading themet their own stories now FREE on today 142018 I The Matriarchs (The Family guess after 3 books of her I liked my expectations were a bit high Unfortunately this book defies all of them It s the bottom of the barrel of PNR No plot no characters worth of this name instalove so uick that it surprises The FlashGrating unbelievable and stupid A unholy trilogy that was unexpected after the other booksAfter a I ve known you 2 days but I love yo. Up and coming chef Natalia Spencer has enough on her plate dealing with a struggling restaurant and a corrupt manager selling her out of pantry and kitchen She doesn't have time for arrogant customers even aorgeous corporate raider in a bespoke suit with muscles that just don't stop Until of course he buys her restaurant.

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Thrill of the Chase City Shifters the Pride #1Made Logan s constant purring a rating
everytime it happened I know is fantasy so it probably doesn t matter But I m pretty sure this is an oversight on the part of the author and an annoying one I did like the characters even the side of the author and an annoying one I did like the characters even the side I thought Logan s confused desperation was cute and his brother ave some very sage advice on than one occasion And again the writing is ok The book isn t even unfun to read But it s no where near developed or fleshed out enough to feel real and substantial Weak characters but a fun enough uickie Shifting sounds fucking awful in this world and it doesn t really play much of a role in this story It s just used as a reason for the h to refuse the H for a while RabidReadscomSometimes I just want a uick read and Thrill of the Chase fits this bill uite nicely Lion shifters Gimme I liked it so much I have already bought two in the series Each book tells a different Chase brother s storyIn this author s world building Lion shifters are dying out There s only one lioness left that is of child bearing age and she s not a part of their pride To that end the brothers meet for dinner at a newer restaurant in a trendy neighborhood to plan for their prides future When Lion shifter and corporate raider Logan Chase sends his steak back twice and asks to speak to the chef little does he know that his destiny is When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) going to come face to face with him and then kick him out of the restaurant Natalia is about the only thing keeping the small restaurant from failing A Le Cordon Bleuraduate she knows how to cook a steak and she is just mad enough at the restaurant manager for his misdeeds that she doesn t have time for a customer who tries to tell her how to cook his already perfectly cooked steakNatalia was a feisty heroine to say the least She s human and knows nothing about the paranormal world When Logan tricks her into another meeting she knows she is attracted to him On Logan s part he knows she is his mate plain and simple Logan is leader of his pride and the eldest of five brothers all of them living in a huge mansion He s used to No Biggy! getting what he wants and now he wants NataliaThe author employs the use of a shifter instantly or lessrecognizing his mate in this story I have no problems with that because that is part of the nature of shifters That being said I think Natalia falls for Logan a bit too fast and it wasn t as believable for me Oh it s not one of those jump into bed immediately ones but it wasn t a slow burn romance either I did think the way Natalia reacts to Logan as a Lion was one of the most realistic reactions to a shifter that I have read I can not stand it when a human barely reacts to seeing a shifter shift So I liked how the author handled this part Keep in mind these are not really spoilers not when youo into reading this knowing it s a paranormal romanceSure shifter romances are a dime a dozen these days But some do stand out for me and I do have a few favorites This one was well written the characters seemed very realistic regardless of the paranormal element and I really mostly enjoyed the romance In addition some of the brothers really stood out for me and made me want to read their stories That could have been all but the author also threw in some suspense and dangerous moments for Natalia and I thought that worked tooAll in all this whole book worked for me and I read it in one sitting It had humor a helping of angst a few steamy moments and I highly recommend this to adult paranormal romance fans Me I am left wondering how I had no idea this series even existed until no. Orever Natalia just wants to cook and snuggle with a nice uy Shacking up with a man who's also a lion means inviting a new level of crazy into her life along with his unruly brothers and even her werewolf best friends warn her away Can she and Logan create a steamy relationship from scratch or are they a recipe for disaste. ,

U he s a monster who kills people but who cares the morning after let s have sex at the they lie to me so he can et me to dinner no problem moment I wanted to thrown up At the end I thought throwing out the book was fairer At least to meI might buy the seuel for the series I started but clearly buying her back titles isn t wise Okay this is a new author for me and I did like her storyline however there were a lot of holes in her story which cause some of it to fall flat For example the author fail to properly introduce her characters and then her run of subject changes didn t flow well from paragraph to paragraph or from the protagonist s POVs With these few shortcomings made the story feel rushed with a lack of passion for the two main characters So sad because this could ve been a really Attracting Birds to Your Backyard good read I love our hero Logan which he is the true epitome of a alpha maleLion He did damn there anything in his power to win our heroine over With his brothers being his wings men they did help him to accomplished this most difficult taskNow our heroine Natalia kinda worked my last nerve with her indecisiveness and just being a plain old scaredy cat no pun intended I mlad she finally Deep Listening got the balls to take a leap of faith and trust the man to love her andive her everything she would ever need or wantIf I had to describe Logan and Natalia story with a song it would be Happy by SurfaceOverall rating35 A Okay Read THE REVIEWWhy this bookA book about a lion shapshifter hell yeah im Bird-by-Bird Gardening going to read itWhat I thoughtI m sad to say this book disappointed me First off he only changes into the lion twice plus everything happened way too fast They only knew eachother for a few days and they re already saying I love you and are talking about moving in together When she didn t even like him for the first couple of days Sorry but that was almost as bad as instalove I just wanted I wanted a slow burn relationship I didn t want the conflicts to be fixed so easily I wanted some damn character development Unfortunately Iot none of that from this book which is sad since this book had reat potential Overall it was an ok read but it was nothing special 25So the mechanical writing is fine and I thought the outline of an interesting story was too butBUT at one point in the beginning I flipped back and forwards between pages and even came to the internet to ensure I had an up to date copy because I was sure I was missing a chapter or two or five Let me lay it out this way despite being 130 pages long there is nothing in the book beyond what is in the blurb almost literally Natalia throws Logan out of her restaurant or at least tells him he can t eat He Then Hires Her then hires her cook him a meal her not knowing it s him until she arrives When she arrives he s already decided to treat her like a mate she is his mate There are no interactions between the two of them between the two events and no internal thoughts iven to the reader So as a reader I was just like what When did that happen How did that happen Then within two days they re declaring love making plans to move in with each other etc There is no development of a RELATIONSHIP AT ALLTHE CLOSEST THING TO AT ALLThe closest thing to plot development is her etting attacked
of course all women are all the time And the closest thing to character development is the fact that she s been some sort of undisclosed victim in the past Lastly as a major point of contention for me big cats like lions don t purr They can t They don t have the connection of small bones that are vibrated to make the sound They are literally unable to purr which. And saves her life Logan Chase alpha of his lion shifter pride is intrigued when the feisty chef kicks him out of her restaurant He's enraged when someone attacks her And he's intoxicated when he finally ets close enough to kiss her But when he shifts in front of her and his lion comes out to play he risks losing Natalia ,