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Triangle and jealousy plot I Hope The Next Book Includes the next book includes new love interest For Him Somehow Hide Spoiler 35 Shax him somehow hide spoiler 35 Shax an asshole starsOh manI have been loving this series This band of misfits can get into some serious trouble but they always come out on top Heckle was really the star of this one I was glad to see Mac give him some sweet loving he deserved and for him to find his place and come into his own I m looking forward to of those twoBut I gotta say I am not a fan of Shax s behavior with Julian and how he treated Ness I am particularly picky I know I can be but the way Shax acted with Julian view spoiler kissing him and ven considering sleeping with him for ven one minute hide spoiler Rating 4 starsAnother good installment in the Brimstone series I really love all the characters in this series and I m glad that we got to see the story through ach of their perspectives This was a really good book that I felt was a bit too short and I really hope the author writes in the series Yep rollicking fun This is the fifth in a series of six books Each story is an pisode fun This is the fifth in a series of six books Each story is an pisode the life of the 2 space pirates Each book adds a character or two to this growing crew of lovers children and pets Add in a few aliens and a thug kingpin and you have 6 wonderful stories that will keep you interested in what s happening next and asking How will they get out of this one. To battle a new A Heart of Stone emotion – raging jealousy With nefarious plots in the background and an overabundance of Poe referencesven Shax’s scheming may not be nough to get the Brimstone crew out alive this tim.

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was dark night opening which surprised a wtf moment Out Of Me Yet Amused of me yet amused the book is just good as the previous ones A new character is introduced to motley crew of Brimstone Maximilian my favorite name a brave tiny bugger uite literally and a singer He saves another stormy night the day and all of Brimstone crew with Heck s help AND I hope I am not mistaken here becomes Leopold s partner and Shax s son in law Tho for the life of me I can t figure out how things can work between a hedgehog and a millipede This installment is an opening to many grand and not so grand but I am sure just as humorous adventures Do not miss it D A copy of this book was provided in xchange for an honest review The review was written for and originally posted at wwwlovebytesrevi Another frolicsome adventure with the Brimstone crewWith many nods to Mr Poe Shax and company decide to steal an Language and Linguistics entire abandoned house which is sold to him as being anxperimental holo suite designed to grant people s fantasies sort of place In reality as you might guess it is most definitely something Divertimento else Shax s arrogance whilst befitting What a crazy rideEach book in this series got wilder and wilder I can only hope that there is a Brimstone 5 in the making at some future timeThis one has thever Love Is a Fairy Tale expanding crew of the Brimstone stopping for When Shax stumbles across rumors of anxperimental house that responds to the occupant’s brain functions creating scenarios to please and delight naturally he wants to steal it While stealing an ntire ho. Upplies and some fun on a planet At the ballet Shax meets an old friend who brings Ness jealousy to the surface Talk about ruffling feathersWho is this mysterious Julian Why is Shax soooooo friendly with him You will I promise want to strangle and punch Shax i surely did DemonsAlthough we get the POV of very character from the ship the main focus is on Mac and our sweet imp Heckles They ve got stuff brewing but ach is holding back Don t worry they get their HFN as does the rest of the crew However Their Stories Feel their stories feel than finished and these novellas only whet my appetite for of the Brimstone crew and a bunch of galactic baddies who seem to have it out for them I simply adore this so very funny and crazy series Mac came up with the best game for Heckle with that what color does this touch make you see melted my little heart all to goo I need of this crew I ve really been njoying this series It isn t perfect but it s Bangkok Wakes to Rain exactly what I wanted to read right now I think I used this comparison about another of this author s books but it reminds me a lot of Futurama in style It hasmotional depth but about the same amount of over the top sillinessThis book focuses a lot on Heckle the imp who was introduced in book three He s a lovable character and I The Right Sort of Man (Sparks Bainbridge Mystery enjoyed reading his point of view view spoilerI also like that Julian is back but I am not a fan of the love. Use sounds impossible the demon prince has a cunning planBut a night at the ballet heralds the return of a troubled and hunted Julian Parallax He brings ominous news to whisper in Shax'sar and forces Ness. .
Beside a Black Tarn