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Pigenetics in particular signals a notions of biological fixedness to ideas of plasticity and of biological materialThis investigates long history of the beliefs the plasticity of human biology starting with ancient medicine and analyses the biopolitical techniues reuired to govern such permeability It looks at the mergence of the modern body of biomedicine as a necessary displacement or possibly reconfiguration of During the twentieth century genes WERE CONSIDERED THE CONTROLLING FORCE OF LIFE PROCESSES AND considered the controlling force of life processes and transfer of DNA the definitive Dangerous Work explanation for biological heredity Such views shaped the politics of human heredity in theugenic ra controlling heredity meant intervening in the distribution of good and bad genes However since the turn of the twenty first century this centrality of genes has been challenged by a number of postgenomic disciplines The rise of

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Arlier plastic views Finally it analyses the returning of plasticity to contemporary postgenomic Views And Argues That and argues that plasticity is neither a modernistic plasticity of instrumental management of the body nor a postmodernist celebration of potentialities It is instead a plasticity that disrupts clear boundaries between Openness And Determination Individual and determination individual community with important implications for notions of risk responsibility and interventio. .
Impressionable Biologies