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Maternity Bride (Silhouette Desire yFamily to look after her In that time Benneit s wife Bella also passed away leaving him a single father to Jamie an adorable 4ear old boy He is planning a marriage of convenience with Tessa McCrieff with the aim of not only ending a long time rift between his and her clan but also to aid him with his plans of opening a whiskey distillery The engagement isn t official and until it is at least 4 weeks Benneit needs a governess for Jamie Joane is coerced to take the positionAt first Benneit only sees Joane as a uiet plain mouse but one that his son soon latches onto so he is happy that she is there for him Over time though he starts to see her in a different light as if she finally has come out of the shadows and shows her real self She is willing to stand up for both herself and for Jaimie and is defiant when she deems it necessaryIt isn t long before he realises that she is a true beauty both inside and out There is an undeniable pull between them both that they both want to give in to They have to fight it though because he will soon be married and neither of them wants to end up heartbrokenCan Benneit figure out a way to not marry Tessa and Safe in My Arms yet still end the feud between the clans That to him is as important as the marriage enabling him to continue his plans for the distillery He also honourable man that he is doesn t want to hurt Tessa Is there any way he and Joane can have a happy ever after without losing too much They certainly end up having some magnificent passionate moments while he tries to figure something out It was so great when they at least gave in to their feelings even if it could only be temporaryI enjoyed this book It was a real delight to read not only because the main characters were so likeable and their story a real pleasure to follow but also because of where the story takes place The author s description of the landscape the buildings the flora and fauna was just beautifully done It was so easy to picture the scenes as they took place I loved the drama of the story the risk that Benneit would have to take if he and Joane were to have any future I loved Jamie who despite sometimes being wilful was a little sweetheart His relationship with Benneit was a joy to read their love so special This was such a feelgood story that it left me with a big smile on my face I wholeheartedly recommend it Since her husband died Joane Langdale was the poor relation who went where the Uxs deemed she would be useful This is how she became the governess of Jamie the Duke of Loch s fourear old son It was for a very short time as Benneit the duke was set to marry Lady Tessa McCrieff Nothing was definitive but it would contribute to end a long time riff between the two families and Jamie needs a mother Jo and Benneit had been aware of each other the ear Jo came out and went largely unnoticed while Bella the Ux jewel dazzled Benneit into marrying her Now widowed Benneit has become so preoccupied with the duchy s finances he fears he is not paying enough attention to his son as the not so meek Mrs Langdale almost points out She is prickly he seems cold and their business association appears doomed from the start They are stubborn but not stupid and not as immune to the other s nearness as they initially thoughtUtterly breathtaking These are the words that came to mind when reading *Lara Temple S Stunning *Temple s stunning of Scotland and how she captures the harsh beauty of the country The visuals are so astonishing that even while only reading about it I was as mesmerised by the majestic landscape and the sea as Jo was UNLACED BY THE HIGHLAND DUKE is not only a feast of sumptuous imagery with #a touch of gothic but an outstanding character study As the author #touch of gothic but an outstanding character study As the author peels away the layers frustration melancholy longing for a fuller life surface I watched in fascination as Jo and Benneit emerge from behind their masks and I was swept away in this amazing journey of discovery I loved that there was the tiniest spark of attraction and that it very gradually ignited into an all consuming fire It is a thing of beauty to watch a relationship evolve so organically so ignited into an all consuming fire It is a thing of beauty to watch a relationship evolve so organically so and to be able to truly believe in it Benneit is torn between love and duty and because he is so honourable it took him uite a long time to come to his sensesI was overwhelmed and enchanted by Ms Temple s sublime prose her exuisite vocabulary the rightness of the dialogues and the impeccable pace sustained throughout the book I also found uite impressive how seamlessly the story arc flows from book one of The Loch Legacy Janice Preston s The Inconvenient Highland Wedding as I remembered Tessa Lord Aberwyld and the distillery that Benneit aims to build I didn t think that going back in time to tell the whole story would be so successful but it isI voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my ownI give 4 12 stars This has been one of the most intensely touching emotional and romantic books I ve ever read I was captivated by the charm and chemistry of the characters from the first page A stunning book that I will gladly recommend to everyone You don t need me to rant on about what the story is about that s what the blurb is for But if our looking for a book that will entertain Poisoned Secrets (Murder and Mayhem you giveou shivers with its slow burn romance move at a steady riveting pace and give Safe Words you that satisfaction of knowingou just read something epic look no further ou just found it I received an Arc copy of this book and I chose to post this revie. Romance featuring two strongly drawn protagonists who are clearly made for each other Lara Temple once again demonstrates her gift for humorous insightful dialogue A very strong start to a new series” All About Romance on The Earl’s Irresistible Challenge“A thoroughly enjoyable romance Five stars for a fantastic read” Caitlyn Lynch on The Earl’s Irresistible Challen.

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Was fantastic with his often unsolicited advice and tendency to say I told ou so I laughed at Jo s maid Beth and her comments about Jo s ball gown McCrieff came across as pretty unbending when it came to the various negotiations but surprised me at the end in the confrontation with Benneit and Tessa I loved Tessa She was sweet and loving and would have been perfect for Benneit if it hadn t been for Jo I liked how she and Jo got along rather than having the whole other woman vibe going on I had to laugh at her banishment because her appearance in the first book showed how that turned outThere is only a brief mention of the mystery that began in the first book There are hints about the ongoing feud including comments about Ewan and Marguerite who are the subjects of the next book in the series The empty crypt and a mention of the missing brooch also have a place and left me wanting to know about what happened I should start by admitting I have a vested interest because this is part of a series and I m one of the other authors involved This doesn t affect my review however which is unbiased except for trepidation that Lara s book is a hard act to followBenneit and Joane are both widowed he with a son he with little income When they are thrown together by an interfering relative it makes sense for her to accompany him back to Scotland Readers of Janice Preston s book will have encountered Joane already so knows they end up together but watching them dancing around the attraction both know they should ignore is wonderful The love scenes are totally hotThe love triangle elements at the start of the book Benneit is planning to marry Lady Tessa McCrieff before Jo derails his plans could easily have turned into a show of female rivalry Jane Eyre and the obnoxious Blanche Ingram spring to mind but instead Tessa is a warm sympathetic character and it was great to see the two women supporting each other and not descending into a feud Thus when everything is wrapped up it feels completely natural not contrivedIt also suggests that if the Loch and McCrieff women had been in charge the feud would have been a lot shorter livedThe feud and hint at secrets were introduced in the first book and here the mystery deepens with further discoveries at Loch Castle The castle beach and surrounding area are vividly brought to life and become almost a character in themselves Lara Temple s luscious prose paints a beautiful backdrop for characters who are deep and real The slow burn romance builds to a conflagration and the ending is sweet and satisfying Another gem Although I enjoyed this book it moved along at a much slower pace than the previous book in this series I liked the main characters of Jo and Benneit and of course oung Jamie Jo was a determined lady uite stubborn at times and very independent Their romance was a slow build but had some passionate and particularly heartfelt moments in the latter stages of the book I m on to the next in the series now I like the concept of moving back in time Unlaced by the Highland Duke is the second book in The Loch Legacy series I ve been anxiously waiting for this series since I first heard about it some time ago What makes this series uniue is that there are 4 authors involved and they will each be writing in a different time period going back in time to unravel a mystery We first met Joane Langdale Jo in the *first book in this series by Janice Preston s His Convenient Highland Wedding *book in this series by Janice Preston s His Convenient Highland Wedding immediately liked Jo and loved her personality In The Previous Book So I Was Excited To Hear the previous book So I was excited to hear book was going to be her story Jo is the cousin of Benneit s deceased wife Bella Being a poorer relation of the Ux family she became a companionservant for them when her husband died This is how she ends up temporarily becoming a governess for Benneit s sonBenneit the Duke of Loch is a widower with a oung son Jamie With the responsibility of the dukedom and trying to secure his son s future he has a heavy weight on his shoulders Knowing that he will be busy for the next few weeks and feeling guilty that he s been ignoring his son he reluctantly agrees to allow Jo to accompany them back to Scotland to help with JamieI absolutely loved this couple Their romance was one that came on gradually definitely not a love at first sight The way Jo was able to frustrate embarrass and surprise him had Benneit speechless at times and had me smiling There was definitely a slow burning underlying awareness of something between them that both fought for awhile It was a joy to watch them gradually let down their guard and trust and open up to each other The romance was beautifully paced and as breathtaking as the lush descriptions of the scenery Ms Temple didn t hold back with this one it s definitely one of her best books to date With fabulous secondary characters a mystery that connects this series and a breathtakingly beautiful love story it truly is perfect I highly recommend this book along with the entire series Loved it Unlaced by the Highland Duke by Lara Temple is the second book in The Loch Legacy a 4 part series written by 4 different authors Although part of a series it can easily be read as a standalone bookJoane Langdale has always considered herself plain and unattractive It came as no surprise to her when Bella a striking relation of hers ended up marrying Benneit the man that Joane found herself in lust with at the time of her coming outSince then she herself got married sadly became a widow and became the poor relative relying on. Ropose to another how dare Jo dream of becoming his duchessThe Loch Legacy collectionBook 1 His Convenient Highland WeddingBook 2 Unlaced by the Highland Duke by Lara Temple Book 3 A Runaway Bride for the Highlander by Elisabeth Hobbes Book 4 Secrets of a Highland Warrior by Nicole Locke“ The Earl’s Irresistible Challenge is a beautifully developed wholly absorbing. Oh this story is stunningSo can I leave it there because I don t think my words will do this book justice Let s just say that I was either smiling or sighing throughout and just fell completely in love with this storyIn this book we meet Joane Jo and Benneit let s just say that Lara Temple has created two beautiful characters Unlaced by the Highland Duke is a story with a sizzling dizzying and gorgeous chemistry I loved how this pair built up a tentative friendship along with seeing the sparks fly whenever they were together Jo has such a thoughtful kind and strong personality which makes her so likeable Then Pursuit of Justice you have Benneit who just wants the best for hisoung son he has his flaws but Dangerous to Touch you can see how conflicted he is regarding his feelings Along with trying to create the best future for his son I think it s safe to say I fell for him myself Lara Temple created the perfect chemistry as it simmers and builds all at a beautiful pace that will make the reader demand they get their happy ever afterEverything just worked so well from the story the setting and the characters Even the minor characters all brought something to the story especially little Jamie I have to mention the setting because Lara Temple easily brought everything to life with her descriptions from the beach to the castle which in itself feels like a character The mystery from book one in the Loch Legacy continues and I can t wait to read the next book to discover I m really enjoying seeing this mystery unravel in such a different way as we travel backwards towards solving it However please don t worry because this book can be read as a standalone but ifou do get chance then I highly recommend reading His Convenient Highland Wedding by Janice PrestonOnce I started this book I didn t want to put it down Unlaced by the Highland Duke is a dream of a book I gave this a B at All About RomanceCraving some historical romance comfort food Then look no further Unlaced by the Highland Duke the second book in The Loch Legacy linked series of novels features a widowed pair resigned to a lonely future without love or passion suddenly surprised to discover their soulmate is someone they met and dismissed Once Upon a Seduction (Its All About Attitude years ago The principal characters are appealing their love story is a low angst slow burner that s both tender and affecting and there s even aoung child who enhances every scene in which he appears Although this is the second no This is the second book in the Loch Legacy series and like the first one I read this in one sitting The heroine of this book is Joane who was a secondary character in the first book His Convenient Highland Wedding I liked her a lot in that book and was excited to see her front and center in this one Here Jo is the poor widowed relation of Benneit s late wife She has spent the last two ears in servitude to various members of her family mostly ignored unless they *wanted something Here we find her packed off to Scotland to care for Benneit s little boy is *something Here we her packed off to Scotland to care for Benneit s little boy JamieBenneit is widowed duke who is fighting battles on several fronts Most important to him is securing his legacy for his son Jamie who he adores To do so he plans to build a whisky distillery on his land That reuires the cooperation of the neighboring McCrieff laird a family the Loch s have been feuding with for generations Benneit feels that the best way to solve all his problems is to marry McCrieff s daughter Tessa This will end the feud secure the distillery and give Jamie a mother and eventually some siblingsI loved both Benneit and Jo Though she seems a bit mouse like and doormatty at first it doesn t take long to see that there is much to her First of all I loved how she and Jamie took to each other so uickly Once in Scotland and away from her family the real Jo emerges She is intelligent loving and can have a wickedly sharp tongue when she wants to She is grateful for the time in Scotland away from her family where she can make her own plans for her future Benneit comes across as cold and aloof at the beginning as he faces off against his late wife s family He is not about to submit to their desires to keep oung Jamie in England But it is his love for his son and determination to do what is right for him that shines through Benneit also feels a profound responsibility for his people which factors into his decisionsI loved the development of the relationship between Benneit and Jo They knew each other from when Benneit courted Bella Benneit thought of her as a mouse and Jo just knew that he made her uncomfortable Six My Guilty Pleasure (Harlequin Blaze years later they are different people but with their losses in common I loved seeing how being away from her family gave Jo the chance to be herself which manifested in a tendency to be a bit prickly Benneit was surprised by this unexpected side of her and occasionally found it uncomfortable Their care for Jamie brought them closer together though they sometimes clashed over what they thought was best Unexpected attraction built between them as Jo saw past Benneit s crusty exterior to the caring and vulnerable man inside He didn t expect how right it felt to be with Jo and the feeling of family it engendered As the attraction between them grew dreams and desires butted up against honor and intentions I loved Benneit s scene with Tessa at the end as he makes the only decision possible for him His big moment at the end was fantasticBesides the irrepressible Jamie I also liked many of the other secondary characters I loved the staff at the castle and their outspoken attitudes Angus. A plain Regency governessIn bed with the dukePart of The Loch Legacy a Scottish castle through the ages Unceremoniously packed off to Scotland to care for the Duke of Loch’soung son practical widow Joane Langdale fears she will be ignored as always But the deep connection and heated passion that develops between her and Benneit is far dangerous When Benneit is expected to ,

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Unlaced by the Highland Duke The Loch Legacy #2