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No Beast So Fierce lThe Travels of Marco Polo may be perhaps the most challenging travelogue ever put together While Marco Polo was not the first to write aboutands distant and alien to one s own he wrote of a journey of immense challenge and difficulty Difficulty that is difficult to appreciate in our modern world First of all the most notable controversy was Maro Polo a fraud This reader disagrees While some regard it as suspect that he traveled to Yuan Dynasty China and did not mention the argely Han practice of foot binding one needs to remember that he was employed in the

Court Of Kubilai Khan A 
of Kubilai Khan a Emperor who headed a very multicultural court While this reader is not a first class scholar of medieval China the narrative through which Marco Polo describes the China of then corresponds somewhat to the cultural mosaic of today While in the Southwest of China he describes people of rather relaxed sexual practices which have an eery similarity to the Naxi of Yunnan Province he describes a religious mosaic that regularly alternates between either Christian Muslim or as he terms it idolatory he describes funerary practices the choice of clothing and dietary practices Therefore this reader rules favorably in the authenticity of Marco Polo s account The book in itself is mainly a travelogue and describes everywhere from Armenia and the Caspian Sea region China India the Middle East and in the final chapter Russia Toward the end the book becomes something of a commentary of the then current affairs describing a conflict in what was then an area close to Russia s frontier and earlier parts of the book describe the conflict and intrigue in the court of the Great Khan However the book for the most part is a travelogue The book is an immensely entertaining and readable account With just simple relaxation and the right approach one feels themselves there with Marco Polo exploring unknown ands and traveling a greater distance traveled by no man since the creation in the words of the introduction Marco Polo s Travels or to give it it s actual title Il Milione is a timeless classic A timeless work of inuiry and observation that is both intriguing and fascinating and a pleasure for the soul It took me forever to finish this A massive book of facts without flesh It was Last Chance Bride like reading a phonebook dry repetitiveacking depth and in need of a good editor And every so often you d come across odd statements ike thisBut now that we have embarked on this topic we have had second thoughts about setting it down in writing for after all it what a bunch of superstitious people those What a bunch of superstitious people those and Saracens are They are always appealing to their astrologers and magicians when faced with issues to resolve They re nothing ike nor as worthy as the blind Shoemaker who poked out his own eye in order not to ust within his heart at a woman as he was fitting her for shoes and when all the other Christians within "that country Persia could not possess as much faith as a tiny mustard seed and "country Persia could not possess as much faith as a tiny mustard seed and not move a mountain under penalty of death from the Khan through all that was holy the blind Shoemaker did move that mountain and the Khan remained a secret Christian always secretly wearing a cross until his death Of course the three Wisemen were Magi and therefore magicians and astrologers and their astrology properly showed to them and proved to them that the Messiah and the Son of God was to be born in a manger in Bethlehem and they are not ike the fake astrologers or idolaters as the others who make up these unintentionally ironic adventures of Marco Polo since Marco Polo knows exactly what happened to them and where they ended up at after the birth of Christ Prestor John is real and Nestorian Christians are heterodox but they are much better than Idolaters and Saracens because at City Girl in Training least they believe in the two natures of Christ but don t fully comprehend the three persons of the Trinity as three characters but each with separate natures but the same whatever I often wondered what happened to my favorite Apostle of all I ve read the Book of Thomas and now I know that Thomas was rea. Marco Polo 1254 1329 has achieved an almost archetypal status as a traveller and his Travels is one of the first great travel books of Westerniterature outside the ancient world The Travels recounts Polo's journey to the eastern court of Kublai Khan the chieftain of the Mong.

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L and evangelized India and the shrines prove it beyond superstitious folly All of the women are the most beautiful in the world in that region of Persia that Marco Polo mentions and in that other region they have arge rears and that is highly praised by the men of that country In that other region they do not value chastity and see it as a vice since the women Dangerous Waters (Cold Case Files love to give of themselves to strangers and the family expects highly prized gifts in return which indeed brings great honor onto their family I would call it pimping out family members Marco Polo called it virtue Absurdities about the other never go out of fashion When it comes to our own absurdities we just special plead them out of existence It doesn t really matter that almost every specific thing in this book is a fabrication of some sort what matters is that people believed it could be true since after all Idolaters and Saracens don t believe in the right set of myths as Marco Polo and his readers did There was not one accurate thing about Buddhist Hindu or Chinese religions mentioned in this book Anybody who thinks this is an accurate portrayal of the East and believes the East is justike that today should vote for Donald Trump and continue with their special pleading for their own myths While this book can be fascinating and highly amusing it is also extremely repetitive fictitious and at times downright boring I m glad I read it but I wish I had read a different translation According to the translator of this edition other people cut out the repetitive parts and the narrative techniue of saying I will tell you and things ike that I would probably have repetitive parts and the narrative techniue of saying I will tell you and things ike that I would probably have through the book much uickly without those things That being said it s a classic and it does have its merits The most interesting parts were those so out there that the reader knows they re fake and the parts about things that other historical accounts have corroborated because I know they re or ess accurate so this book just offers a different perspective on an accepted truthI recommend this book only to people interested in 13th century history and people who enjoy travel narratives fictitious truthful or blends of both Il Milione the egendary account of Marco Polo s travels is a fascinating view into history Commonly known as The Travels of Marco Polo in English this thirteen century travelogue offers an uniue view of an European adventurer and merchant visiting countries unknown to most Europeans Marco Polo is cited as an author but Il Milione was supposedly written by Rustichello da Pisa based on Marco Polo s personal narration of his travels The two spent some time in prison together if I remember correctly So this book has a co writer it could be said Over the years there has been some despite over book s authenticity The uestion whether Marco Polo really visited all those places was often raised I personally don t really care whether every single story in it is 100 percent historically accurate I think it s accurate enough This "book describes Polo s travels through Asia It often describes ocal traditions and customs of people Polo "describes Polo s travels through Asia It often describes ocal traditions and customs of people Polo by It is filled with descriptions and one feels Protecting the Colton Bride Coltons Cowboy Code like one is reading an encyclopedia then a travel or adventure book but I found it interesting My favourite part of the book was Marco Polo s experiences at the court of Kublai Khan Anyhow this is a nice read It is easy to see how it influenced numerous artists and writers Iistened to an audio version of it that Look-Alike Lawman (Texas Twins, lasted for about 7 hours and had a surprising number of musical numbers I also read a part of it before option for an audio version Honestly I plan to read it once again because I had a feeling I might have missed something I ve been a bit distractedatelyDespite it being historically relevant and uite interesting for most parts Il Milione is not an engaging read There are some fascinating and engaging bits but on overall one doesn t get the feeling of a personal narrative The writing style Daddy Wanted leaves something to be desired However it is an important book and one well worth a read Ioved it He was ying most Ol empire which covered the Asian continent but which was almost unknown to Polo's contemporaries Encompassing a twenty four year period from 1721 Polo's account details his travels in the service of the empire from Beijing to northern India and ends with the remarkable story. Il milioneF the time about India however I mean it s hot here in the tropics but boiling eggs in the river And dog headed people But they were such colourful and entertaining ies Here s a book that ooks fantastic on the cover it s the story of "marco polo s incredible travels to the east "Polo s incredible travels to the East by the man himself Then you open the book and ook into it a bit and realize that it might be boring against all odds For one it isn t the tale of his adventure Instead it s a systematic description OF ALL THE COUNTRIES ONE CAN FIND EAST OF all the Countries One Can Find East one can find east Check that no narrativeThen you actually start reading and you find out that no one not Marco Polo not the scribe who wrote down his account as they both Night Moves (Harlequin Blaze languished in prison could bleach the book of its wonder I m not kidding Despite their best efforts to not write an adventure the adventure shines through I read this book inong spurts careful not to worry about soaking up the Les brumes d'avalon : roman longistlike information on each country instead Malakai (Wicked Games, letting the sheer weirdness of the world wash over me I flew through reports of roads manned by bandits and directions from oasis to oasis in the deserts much of the book readsike a seven hundred year old Lonely Planet guide so I could slow down and marvel at stories The Carpenters Wife and Heart of Stone like his account of the first assassins young men drugged and taken to a paradise of women and wine they were told was heaven After a week there they were drugged and returned to the real world only to be told that getting back depended on their unbending devotion to the potentate who controlled access to heavenAlexander the Great shows up from time to time as well the truth of hisegacy already twisted by history But all of that pales to what Marco tells us about the great Khan s court I was floored Let me put it into context for you I always wanted to be completely dumbfounded by the great wonders of human construction things Celtic Fire (Rogue Angel, like the Eiffel Tower or Stonehenge and it never happened to me until I stood in the courtyard at the main palace in Seoul Something about the wide expanse paved by huge stones all done for theove and reverence a people had for a king knocked me senseless I could write an essay extolling the wonder of the place something meant to celebrate the number of man hours and the immense wealth necessary to construct such a wonder My essay could easily be one upped by one explaining the pyramids or the Great Wall pushing the immensity of human achievement to the The Family Plan limit But whatever any essay totes as the end all skyscrapers space shuttlesost continents you name it Marco Polo s account of Kublai s empire will smash it It was to big too great too much And to top it all the emperor seems A Family Practice like a decent guyAnd that s only half of the book Polo gets to wander around for another eighty pages or so before concluding that he s covered the known world My verdict entirely worth it And there s no test at the end so you can breeze through all the geography though having a map handy can be uite fun I can only imagine what a dedicated Google Earthling could do and just enjoy the feeling of peeking in on a world of culture that has oress disappeared completely ChronologyIntroduction NotesFurther ReadingA Note on the TextMaps The Travels List of AbbreviationsAppendixNotesIndex On the face of it this the classic account of traveller Marco Polo s journey from Venice to China and back again is pretty straight forward Man makes journey writes book has mint named after himYet it is still controversial over what it alleges contains an I find it interesting how Marco Polo s description of the Middle East of than 700 years ago is pretty much a reflection of the way it is today That is to say in thrall to the same old tribal passions Sad that The text is perhaps most remarkable for its narrator s incuriousness We know the richness of these regions from the writings of subseuent travelers and historians but Polo makes them all seem strikingly similar The narrative is thin and repetitive The only thing that makes the text special is its provenance Not without interest but too repetitive to sustain my own Stopped reading page 200. Of Polo's return voyage from the Chinese port of Amoy to the Persian Gulf Alternately factual and fantastic Polo's prose at once reveals the medieval imagination's A Doctor in Her Stocking (From Here to Maternity limits and captures the wonder of subseuent travel writers when faced with the unfamiliar the exotic or the unkno.

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