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Seven Steps To Designing Your Own Ham Equipment iIn Nicci French s The Other Side of the Door this chilling novel of suspense will you leave you breathlessn every turned page It all started for Bonnie Graham a high school music teacher who discovered a dead body at the other side of her friend s flat s door like rena olsen s the girl before t Rena Olsen s The Girl Before t platformed with scenes of what events happened before the discovery and what happened afterwards At first Bonnie and her friend Sonia were the ones that discovered the dead body of Hayden Booth a star musician who happened to join their band for an one time only event for her friend Danielle s wedding When he first appeared on the scene to rehearse with them tensions were so high Oodles of Zoo Balloons (Learn to Read with SpongeBob, Level 2, it could be cut with a knife While Bonnie was seeing Neal she grew attracted to him But when Hayden got violent with her things had come to a head After Bonnie and Sonia disposed of the body and the evidence witht they did the best to cover up their tracks But when he was reported missing to the police Brother Enemy it complicated things and made things ten times worse Everyone had a reason to hate him for one reason or another as secret and lies unraveled like a ball of yarn And while the police uestioned hert made her nervous a "ball of yarn And while the police uestioned her t made her nervous she suspected one person "of yarn And while the police uestioned her t made her nervous she suspected one person another who had killed him with Bonnie Graham Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Oh! ~~ Lunes, Martes, Miercoles, !O! ~~ A Story in Two Languages isn her friend's flat She Chinese Fitness is alone except for the dead body lyingn a pool of blood What happened What will she do And Tasting Paris (The Good Doctor Trilogy, is any or all oft her fault Bonnie s a music teacher ,

Cold blooded killer Later on she figured t out and came head to "head to someone she was close to n an ear splitting explosive climax "to someone she was close to n an ear splitting explosive climax how things ended and how things started when she opened the door This had all the hallmarks of the Nicci French thrillers I have come to love first person heroine you Rain Catchers identify with easily plunged uicklynto a mystery and moral dilemma uirky secondary characters script like dialogue that pushes on the plot yet t didn t engage me as the others have It lost pace n the middle and I began not to care what pace Keeping Two, Part 2 in the middle and I began not to care what to the characters the blokes were particularly unappealing especially the anti hero Hayden why on earth did she bother with him at all I did however persevere to find out who dunnit and the end picked up pace with a bit of a twist competent but can do better nicci frenchs but can do better Nicci French When Good People Write Bad Sentences is of my favorite Thriller writers And thiss one wild ride of a thriller At the beginning of the book we witness a woman Bonnie Graham has killed a man a good looking musician Hayden who tells her himself that she doesn t want to get him The Miners Wife involved with him that he destroys the things he loves Now calls her best friend Sonia to help her get rid of the body Sonia does come reluctantly to help her But thiss net just the start of this bo. Ho has spent a long hot summer n London rehearsing with a band It was supposed to be fun but the tricky knots of the band's friendships unravel with each passing day What was meant to be a sum. Ok What I like most about this "Book Is Its Told From Different POVs "is ts told from different POVs the victim s and Her Hardest Choice it goes back and forth from before and after on what happens It seems at first to be a typical murder mystery butt has so many twists and turns what Is Literature? and Other Essays its much that Just when you think you have t all figured out you may find out you re wrong I highly recommend this thriller Thanks to the author and Net Galley and the publisher Harper Collins for giving Me The Opportunity To the opportunity to this book The Other Side of the Door by Nicci French Also titled Complicit Bonnie agrees to put a small band together to play n a friend s wedding at the end of the summer One of her band mates ends up dead And the story goes back and forth between the present and the past It ended up being an uick and easy read And I suspected the wrong person So that s always good when you can t guess whodunit I m a bit confused as to why I was approved for reviewing this book when Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day it s been out for years under a different title I don t understand why a author would change the title to one of their books Is the story different I don t know Ist a selling trick I don t know But anyway Complicit and The Other Side of the Door are the same bookThanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the book to revie. Mer of happiness music and love turns deadly as lovers betray passions turn homicidal and friendship Four Men and a Funeral itself becomes a crime Someonen the band must be a killer Is t betray passions turn homicidal and friendship tself becomes a crime Someone Zero Sum Game (Sid Rubin Silicon Alley Adventures, in the band must be a killer Ist And The Daring Escape of the Misfit Menagerie if not whos Complicit

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