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Ows something is up Using the excuse to go check up on Lee Mike rives Prisoner of Night (Black Dagger Brotherhood, down to her home He sees her crying on theoorstep Howard s comments only serve to lesson her already low self esteem and make her feel even worse about where she is in life But "when she sees the hard bodied younger Mike she can t help but see him in a new light She has " she sees the hard bodied younger Mike she can t help but see him in a new light She has thought of him as a kid and this is the 1st time she has had some very Insectissimo! dirty thoughts of the man who comes to help her out on the weekend Mike just wants to take her in the house and show her how much of a women she truly is He has lusted after her for a long time and it is getting harder to keep his feeling uiet So when Mike hurts his hand and Lee has to get up close and personal with him the tension between the two builds to a level nether can hold back fromFran Lee brings together a couple who is maybe not the average couple but who caneny that type of chemistry I liked the story for several reasons One was I loved the fact Lee is blogging on a cougar website As a blogger myself I loved it It is basically about just getting the courage to go after what you want The chemistry between the two main characters is very well Fields of Fire (Frontlines, done and will make your toes curl The littlerops of Lee looking up steamy romances from Elloras Cave was funny and for me and I can relate The only issue I had was they fact Lee seems to organism at a Redeemed (The MacKays drop of a hat in the sex scenes lol Not sure weather to be jealous or just wishful thinking Over all a cute short book Well worth reading exceptionally with the little bit ofanger thrown in there as well Thanks for the good read Fran come see this review and at juliesbookreviewblogspotcom I am kinda iffy about the whole cougar series It was a great idea but I felt like some of the stories were missing something This one really elivered with the heat and the story was nice tooVery steamy and hot reads The fellas are young and virile and the ladies are older vibrant and looking for action synopsislee has been through a ivorce and she still can t say no to her ex husband borrowing money even though he s re married michael has been attracted to lee since the first time she came to the reservation when he was a teenager and that hasn t stopped in the many years since when he has an accident The Wedding (Lux, doing some work around lee s place one weekend he takes advantage of itwhat i liked the caring between michael and lee they had an honest bond that grew naturally in the years that they ve known each otherwhat iidn t like i think the story would have worked much better had it been longer you just get To Care For Lee And Michael And care for lee and michael and it s over they re engaged after 1 American Blues day It was really a good one and I wasn t really into the young guy and old woman but I must admit it was uite hot And theowry thing at the end was swee. Her barn and mow her grass He’s waited for her long enoughWhen Mike shows up at her oor with an injured hand he notices Lee can’t pull her eyes off his naked ripped chest Mike can’t believe she’s as oblivious as she acts The ice has been broken and he intends to heat things up even. ,

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Nothing but SexI loved the way Lee and Mike were both unsure of the other s reaction to how they felt Usually the man is so confident and for me that s a little unreal so to read a book where the man also worries was refreshing Although Mike has had feelings for Lee for a very long time he that she isn t interested If he approached her she might be shocked that he had feelings other than platonic towards her Lee feels the same way and it s a very sweet ance between them before they actually realise they both feel the same wayAlthough they get together they still have insecurities so to watch them unfold and see how their relationship progressed was a great journey for this reader I enjoyed the fluctuating emotions smug that as a reader I knew how the other felt and they idn tLee s ex is a total ass who made my skin crawl and got me angry at the same time His complete lack of understanding that they are over brought to mind several people I know in real life and I gritted my teeth in frustration You ll love to hate him as much as you ll love to love MikeBEST BITS But it hadn t given him the polish and pretty manners that Lee Die Journalistin deserved in a man A line that endeared me to Mike So sweetmow her wild and woolly lawn really saw thisMaybe that was a good thing because his hand might stop bleeding LOLshe prayed he wouldecide not to turn on the lights Insecurities came to the fore for her here You are beautiful Lump in the throat momentVERDICT Mike is a strong man in touch with his feelings and those of Lee He s sensitive caring and so into making sure Lee is happy that I fell in love with him myself I finished Nothing But Sex having been taken on a sweet yet erotic journey knowing Mike s soft side will always be something I ll remember YOU GOTTA READ REVIEWS Title Nothing But SexAuthor Fran LeePublisher Ellora s CaveBuy Link Buy Nothing But Sex HereRating You Gotta Read our highest ratingReviewed by GabrielleReviewThis was a wonderful story about true love Ever since Mike started working for Lee Blackhorse as a young man he has lusted after her Now years "Later As A Thirty " as a thirty old he sees his chance and makes his move Hoping that Lee will see him as than a young kidI truly enjoyed this story Being an older woman myself it was nice to see a woman over forty find love and with a younger man at that Mike is a wonderful man who loves Lee with abandon and is ready to fight for her Lee is a strong woman but is insecure and feels like an old woman who is not at all attractive I loved the way she blooms from the attention that Mike gives her as he proves her wrong and shows her just how attractive she really is The tentative relationship that the two begin was a great read As hot as their relationship is you can see the love for each other shine through Showing us that love will find its wa. A standalone story in the Cougar Challenge seriesLee Blackhorse is hardly Cougar material no matter what her friends over at Tempt the Cougar say A forty two year old woman who lusts after her thirty year old weekend helper is just plain nuts Or is she Mike Running Elk is the sexiest thing Y to you if you let it inThis story has a well Dragon Slayers Academy Set II developed plot and great characters full ofepth making this a book that you should efinitely check out My Rating System couldn t finish wouldn t recommend would recommend would read again have read again Welcome to Review Wednesday Today we have the erotic romance Nothing But Sex by "FRAN LEE THIS TANTALIZING STORY IS A STANDALONE IN "Lee This tantalizing story is a *standalone in Cougar Challenge SeriesLee Blackhorse scoffed at the challenge to *in Cougar Challenge SeriesLee Blackhorse scoffed at the challenge to a cougar by her friends at Tempt the Cougar As a forty Blackhorse scoffed at the challenge to become a cougar by her friends at Tempt the Cougar As a forty year old woman who s feeling efeated and used up by her ex Lee feels she has no right to be looking in the The Art of War in World History directions of Mike Running Elk her weekend helper since he was eighteen In tight t shirts and jeans Mike is the vision Lee sees in everyone of her fantasies Mike Running Elk is a man on a mission For the past twelve years he has remained working for Lee even though he s than financially sound She s the woman of hisreams and when he finds his opportunity to show Lee just what he s been fantasying about Lutheran Bible Companion, Volume 2 doing to her he takes the challenge with hot seededesire But Mike now has to convince Lee he wants to give her than one night of erotic wild passion and that their growing relationship is than Nothing But SexMs Lee I thank you for your Cougar Challenge Knowing a few Cougars I have to say your Mere khawab reza reza depiction of their uncertainty is right on The book is emotionally charged with herirt ball ex showing up This awful excuse of a man adds to the realism of the story and helps the reader to understand why Lee is so timid with Mike yet strong when it comes to her life and standing on her own Mike is a wonderful male specimen who believes in tradition and being a one woman man Plus he s hot beyond belief and makes any woman reading this full bodied tale want a piece of his sorry my imagination is getting away with me LOLCongratulation Fran Lee on Four Blue RosesWARNING MF romance anal sex a physical altercation and The Isis Papers delicious erotic fun with wafflesFran Lee s website Sweet short story If only this happened in real life sigh Enjoyed it The overall goodreads review is wrong for this book it s suppose to be 10th in cougar series and about lee blackhorse and mike running elk Lee age early 40 s isivorced from a has been actor who thinks he is god s gift to women Howard swept her off her feet A Native American very hansom actor who very uickly became a man with a wandering eye and a knack for gambling After 10 yrs supporting him she finally Detective Dog and the Lost Rabbit (Hooked On Phonics, Level 2, Book 1) divorced Howard but he still comes around thinking that she would help him out when money was tight Lee finally tries to tell him to get lost when he tells her the truth he never loved her and she was a oldried up good for nothing So when Mike the young handy man sees Howard s truck speeding The Million-Dollar Bloodhunt down the road leaving Lee s home he kn. Ver toon tight jeans and a second skin t shirt She’s secretly yearned for the man for yearsMike has no problem seeing himself in the role of Lee’s lover In fact if he can just get the hot as hell woman to realize he’s plenty old enough to ring her bells he plans to Unlocking the Mystery of Skin Color do than just clean.