Why Patterned Driveways are Better

Why Patterned Driveways are Better

Do you need a new driveway? There are a few options for you such as plain drab concrete, tarmacadam, shingle, gravel, block paving and pattern imprinted concrete. Realistically speaking though, the two ideal options are only block paving and pattern imprinted concrete. Let’s explore each of the two options below.

Block Paving 

Block paving looks good at first but when it’s a few years old,  it gets weeds, dips, and the blocks come loose and they fade. It’s essentially good if you only plan to keep your driveway for the short term. If not, why pay top-notch prices for a temporary job?

Pattern Imprinted Concrete 

Imprinted and stenciled paving is a method of laying driveways which combines the most up to date concrete technology with the skills of pattern imprinting. This gives your drive or patio the advantages of a continuous, stable and exceptionally strong coloured surface which is then pattern imprinted to create a stunning three dimensional effect.

Firstly, a formulation of traditional granite, which is formulated to give a more weathered natural appearance, is used. This
is ideal for the more traditional home. Next, a diamond top system that provides the ultimate in colour and pattern definition, is applied. This is usually available in an endless choice of colours, and is ideal for the more modern home. Finally, a colour top system, which is designed to suit the more price conscious customer, where traditionalism and colour choice is not of importance, is used.

When laid properly and professionally, pattern imprinted concrete will hold its looks for many years. It will not get weeds as it is simply one slab of reinforced concrete laid with an imprinted pattern on top.It will not fade as both the colour and seal are ultra-violet (UV) resistant to the sun.

The following are the key reasons why you should only get an expert to install pattern imprinted concrete drives:

  • No sinking or spreading
  • No weeds
  • Oil & stain resistant
  • When sealed, the surface is 25% harder than normal concrete
  • Colours do not fade
  • Minimal maintenance

As such, we feel sure that you will find the perfect solution to your requirements if you choose a pattern imprinted driveway as compared, as compared to other alternatives.